HQPlayer Automatic Selection of Pipeline SDM Mode

Why make the user make this selection [Pipeline SDM]?

HQP knows if you have a multi-core system, it should automatically select pipelining and get rid of the preference altogether.

I could make it automatic, but usually people ask for more configurability not less… Things are not always simple. If the CPU can sustain processing without pipelining, the overall system load is lower because pipelining has certain overhead. If it cannot, pipelining helps spreading the load across cores. And the CPU load depends on selected filter, modulator, output rate, CPU model, RAM speed, number for channels, source format, etc., etc…

So I don’t try to have “one size fits all” model on this aspect either. (same goes for filters, etc.)

If there’s enough CPU power to do same stuff in what ever way it is not a problem. Manual tuning is usually required when things get close to available computing capacity.