HQPlayer blows me away once again

$65 for just headphone cross-feed and nothing else. It is relatively much more expensive…

My perspective is more like “how to use DSP to get best possible analog output to your ears”. Like squeezing more performance out of the existing hardware like DAC.

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So far, no other software has made as much of a tangible impact on my listening experience the way Goodhertz’s Canopener has done. If other’s hearing a perceptible increase in their listening pleasure converting PCM to DSD, than that’s great. I’ve listened to DSD recordings with the appropriate dac, etc. I didn’t notice a an improvement over well-recorded PCM recordings.

For headphone listening I don’t prefer cross-feeds myself. But what I find much more useful is headphone correction EQ (towards Harman curve). So now I’m applying such correction always for my headphones in HQPlayer (along with the upsampling). Same goes for digital room correction for loudspeaker systems.

I only use Roon nowadays with HQPlayer if I need Tidal for something. Everything else is HQPlayer standalone for me.

I can also easily do all the DSP processing in HQPlayer for practically any digital or analog source as well… For those silver CD discs, vinyl, Apple Music, Spotify…

Just curious, is it a DAC that can play DSD bit-perfect?

Another aspect is that especially a lot of RedBook content contains errors that degrade the sound. Some of these can be corrected with suitable DSP (during upsampling).

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Finally received my A26 and have it working with Roon running on my Mac Mini M1, 16GB.

I am thinking about adding a Mac Mini M2 with 16GB.

I would run Roon on the M1 and HQPlayer on the M2.

Does that make for sense or is it overkill?

I am running Roon server and HQPlayer on the same M1 Mac mini with no issues at all. Here are my HQPlayer settings:

SDM Integrator: FIR2
SDM Conversion: XFi
48K DSD: Checked
DAC Bits: 20
Default Output Mode: SDM (DSD)
SDM Defaults:
1x = poly-sinc-gauss-xla
Nx = poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp
Modulator: ASDM7ECv2
Bit rate: 48K x 256
Multicore DSP: Greyed
Adaptive output rate: Checked

I don’t really see a good reason to split Roon and HQPlayer between two M1/M2 Mac mini systems.

on my m1 mini roon always is under 3% cpu. I do not know if that would make a big difference if added to HQP.

Thanks for the response. Is you M1 configured with 16Gb?

If you do not mind me asking, as I’m looking around to upgrade my dac in the near future, what dac do you use?

Yes, it has 16GB RAM and a 1TB SSD. The RAM upgrade is a good idea…the 1TB SSD is more than required…512GB would be enough.

I have a Holo Audio May KTE and absolutely love it!

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The SSD on my M1 is only 256Gb but none of my music is stored there. I have an external 8TB SSD for that. There is currently 212 GB available so I would hope that would work for both Roon and HQPlayer.

I was mistaken…I have a 512GB SSD now and 256GB would have been enough…I use a 2TB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD in a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with the M1 Mac mini for my music files.

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Thank you!

This I’ll save, sounds like a very good idea.

I wish I would save your dac also, maybe just change that orange to piano black :slight_smile:

The DAC looks great in the rack:


Now my breath is gone… lovely stuff

Yes looks great but still its psu looks better. One day I’ll do black boxes for all the electronics (not for the tubes, being a :monkey: I love glowing stuff)

Edit: Nice rack

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Curious about this, Jussi…

I’d never do this in regular practice, as I’m too addicted to Roon’s interface/convenience, etc… But if there was a sound-quality improvement, I might try it occasionally.

So, if I were to play from HQP itself, and my music is in a different location than HQPlayer, what’s the best practice? (All machines, including roon core and the hqplayer bridge machine. are macs.)

Copy over the files I want to hear to the machine that houses HQP?

Or just drag them from the NAS (or whatever storage) onto the HQP now-playing window?

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Nice, better organized than mine :wink:

Pre: Holo Serene KTE; amps: Ferrum Oor+Hypsos (solid state), DNA Stellaris (SET 2A3)



I am a 2 channel guy…I hardly ever listen using headphones. The only solid state amps I really enjoy are Class A…I have an old Pioneer M-22 that I keep as a backup to my tube amp. I like it a lot.


There is something about a good pair of phones that I never experienced with speakers, but that wire and them being on the head, like being a child and you HAVE to wear that hat until mum does not see you anymore and you can stuff it in your bagpack.

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