HQPlayer Configuration Strategy for Various DACs

Got it! I now wonder how old the driver should be installed

This feature for Firmware 1.59 is great:

  • Bit-Perfect (BP): no digital filtering, no pre- or post-ringing
  • Standard (STD): modest filtering, modest pre- and post-ringing
  • Minimum Phase (MIN): slow roll-off, minimum pre- and post-ringing
  • Giggs-Transient-Optimized (GTO): upsampled to 352kHz or 384kHz, minimum filtering, no pre-ringing, minimum post-ringing
    I’m using Bit-Perfect for now, but the other filters are very interesting too!

Edited: I was finally able to update but using an Android tablet. Not able to do this on IOS15.6.1

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You will be able to see the current firmware version , at the step before installing new firmware.

Its in the instruction PDF

Its possible you already have latest but good to check


That’s very nice! I used to have a similar set-up when I was living in Mexico, Onkyo Amp, with Celestion Speakers C3, long ago. Beautiful IsoAcustincs Phono!

How’s he supposed to enjoy the music… you keep throwing updates and firmware’s at him. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::crazy_face:



Still many more things to do!

Then he has to fly to Finland to have his new DAC and his HQP knowledge tested by HQP Jedi Grandmasters @Chunhao_Lee and @andybob .

If he passes, his DAC can then be blessed by HQP Yoda (Jussi) !

If you want to be a HQP Jedi, these are the steps you have to go through

Then you can listen



I … I’ve been listening to PCM for two months. There, I said it.


There is no discrimination here between PCM and DSD users.

HQP Jedis like yourself have experienced everything it offers :smile:

I hope to one day graduate from Padawan level :cry:


I am currently upsampling all PCM and DSD to DSD256 with my May KTE. But, if I had an HQPlayer NAA that supported 32fS PCM, I might like my PCM better as PCM…

? Still in stock and shipping


For a while they only sold in batches of 25, glad one can order singletons again. I don’t have time now, but what’s the argument for 32fS PCM vs DSD256 with Holo DACs?

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From what Jussi has shown over at Audiophile Style forum, once you get to > 20bit 1.4 MHz PCM output sample rates, it measures quite similarly to DSD256 output, in the out of band measurements

So then it comes down to personal choice mostly , if I remember correctly. @jussi_laako can correct me if I got this wrong

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I’ve been so happy with DSD256 into my two Holo DACs (Spring 2 and May) that I’m not anxious for change, but I was curious for when I have a bit more time to experiment.


I have been as well. That is why I have not been in any hurry to replace my first generation ultraRendu with something that can do 32fs PCM…

A friend of mine swears by 32fs PCM with Sinc-xxx filters, don’t remember with exactly Sinc he is using. He sees more “depth and timbre and a little bit more of everything” in such, using the MAY DAC. While I tried to play what he was listening to at my system (also MAY), I keep thinking/perceiving that DSD@256x48 is much more interesting and lively from representation perspective (and I’m not talking about @512, even). My ear-brain react on timbre and transients the most, less on space. The piano recordings, or flamenco guitars or jazz drums (ECM type) are very good for comparison, IMHO.

So out for curiosity is a nice thing to try, but to me it’s not striking. I’m also wondering would I hear a difference blindly. I have not seriously tried.


This can do PCM 1.5Mhz / DSD 1024x48 ?

And I suppose it will benefit from good LPS?

I ended up with 8i7 NUC in Akasa fan-less body as NAA for now… it’s a tiny bit bulky.

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Yep, running NAA OS, with Spring 3 and May

I can power it with a 5V 1A powerbank no problems. No connection to AC power at all

But some people use linear power. Being 5Vdc, it opens lots of options.


I wanted to share this setup for any Mac Users with an Accuphase DAC-60 who want to get the DSD256

The MOST easy way is just to use an basic windows 10 as NAA. First you need to install your Accuphase ASIO driver then run the NAA, if an error come out, your need to download a patch found here

It’s worth the update and investment, the jump from DSD128 to DSD256 is notorious. The timbre and music details are more vivid and warm.

My setup before using NAA Rpi4 DoP DSD128

My setup with NAA windows ASIO

EDIT: Now Rpi4 Unix NAA fully supports DSD256 on DAC-60! Thanks for update!

Compared with the Ifi NEO iDSD and the Accuphase DAC-60, I notice more details on DAC-60 both with Accuphase DSD256.


Is there somewhere a guide on how to set HQ Player up on a M1 Mac? I failed miserably when I downloaded the trial. And would there be a audible benefit compared to upsampling to DSD512 in Roon?

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Hi Marc,

At what point did you encounter problems?

There’s the quick start guide here:

And Roon instructions here:

And then there’s the PDF manual included in HQPlayer installation package.

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You will definitely see audio difference starting from DSD256! Once you fix the issue I suggest trying the filters with DSD256 on HQPlayer first, because going with DSD512 the Mac Mini M1 will have limited choices to select because of the processing demand. I suggest also to share on forum your DAC model.