HQPlayer Configuration Strategy for Various DACs

Smsl D300 (raspberry pi4, usb)

At what point you had problems?

My preferred configuration is DSD 512 / ASDM7 / Poly-sinc-gauss-xla, with the T+A DSD8. Will I have a significant advantage in using ASDM7EC v2 for this specific DAC, which justifies cpu upgrade?

I think the EC modulators are worth the upgrade. But others can likely also comment on this.

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Thanks, I’ll do that next year.

My experience is that I keep coming back to ASDM7ECV2/DSD256 (it’s all my cpu can handle - Intel i5 10400).
I’ve used DSD 1024 and 512 with the other Modulators and they sound pretty good to me. I don’t notice an immediate difference between those and ASDM7ECV2. But, there is something about the EC Modulators that keeps me going back to them. They feel and sound comfortable to me after long term listening.
Your mileage may vary.


I’m looking into a second hand Holo Spring 1 from 2018. Max DSD512, which I’m perfectly fine. My question are R2R DACs better to buy new?

How you compare with ifi NEO iDSD?

Does it gets hot/warmer than non R2R DAC?

I see many good reviews by master @IgorSki !

Many thanks :pray:t2:

Edit: just text Jeff from Wildism Audio, he said is too old to repair if needed :joy:. I guess will keep saving for new version.

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From my testing with an RME ADI-2 fs (AK4490 version), the EC modulators sound best, especially the 7 one, even if you have to step down in upsampling (i.e. 256 instead of 512 etc).


Hi @Moises_M

Although Holo Audio Spring and May are exceptionally good, I totally agree with your “edited” note. Two things - it’s old for repair and later versions were build with some “corrections” in mind - DSD1024++ or USB improvements. Lets say, if you are saving but want to get the best value out of the product range - I would say - Holo Audio Spring 3 Level 2 is the thing.

PC technology makes huge steps. Even-though I don’t think SDM1024 will ever become a mainstream, however its a) already accessible and b) will soon become simply trivial but only with DAC’s being the limiting factor. You seem to appreciate the step up the DSD ladder :slight_smile: from x64 to x512 already, so I would’ve thought “future proof investment” with DAC that can make x1024

As for the ageing of R2R’s… they would age for sure, but would it be visible is a question. Holo Audio states that they carefully select components, as such the ageing will be similar to all parts of a ladder, meaning no expected artefacts.

Yes it gets warm, rather warm actually, but not hot.

On comparison with Neo DSD I can not say, I don’t have one. I have MAY as main listening - if you ask me what stands out, I’d say over two years i’m never tired of spending hours and hours listening, it does not bring fatigue. I’m not saying all other DAC"s are fatiguing, but in my personal experience a lot are.


Much appreciated as always your wisdom! I agree totally! Yesterday I was able to visit Wildism Audio studio and I meet Jo!

It was amazing listening :ear: just the DAC itself at 44.1 MHz and he actually also mentioned about the Spring L2 as best choice!

Sharing the studio pictures in Hong Kong :hong_kong:!

Joe’s Wildism Audio Studio is beautiful decorated, very welcoming with a decorative of exotic retro collectible’s

Enjoy :wink:


I have the Holo May KTE and it’s the best DAC I have ever owned. I thought I was a life long Chord DAC user, but the May is far superior​:grin::musical_note: