HQPlayer control mode

I have a dual PC setup with one PC being server (e.g. Roon Core) and another one being player/renderer (e.g. HQPlayer).

When Roon uses a remote or local HQP as an output, it is streaming it’s own data. I would like the possibility to switch to a “HQP control mode” in Roon where Roon would not stream anything, but just send to and receive commands from HQP, and let HQP do all the work.

In the last ~8 months I’ve spent lot of time testing various streaming protocols and streaming software. Roon has the best UI and library management hands down. But sound quality is not the best. I’ve found playback directly by HQP to have better sound quality.

I understand that with this, certain Roon features (e.g. it’s own DSP engine) would be disabled or not functional, since it would be only sending commands and URI’s for track links and playback controls, while receiving back status messages from HQP at the same time.