HQPlayer Desktop 4.18.1 20 kHz filter question(s)

Hi @jussi_laako, I’ve just updated to 4.18.1 and noticed a 20 kHz filter option that can be enabled or disabled from the main window via a checkbox.

If there are filters on the dac, is this filter just redundant or does it have added benefits using it?

Also I’ve noticed that when checked, if you open menus from File > Setttings, File > DSD source setttings, and any from Matrix or Tools and click ok, save, or cancel the filter is disabled and needs to be enabled again. If you just close a window via the x or pressing alt-F4 it remains enabled.

Is this a bug?

There was discussion here below and in later posts, including spectrogram examples of ‘fake’ hi-res

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AH, Thanks. It appears my search for 20khz filters failed. More good reading.

I’m still curious as to why the setting doesn’t stay on after going into other config areas of hqplayer. if you enable it shouldn’t it stay enabled until you decide to disable it.

Embedded? Because whenever you change configuration, HQPlayer gets restarted and everything resets back to defaults.

There is actually config option to enable it by default. But it is not supported by Desktop nor Embedded GUIs. It is a bit like repeat option and such that you don’t necessarily want to accidentally forget it enabled.

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I think this good for now.

Can you add something to the Embedded web page for “on the fly” option?

If using an iPad we have to wait for Ales to update HQPControl app,

Web is not so great for interactive switching. It is anyway lacking many other similar options.

Yes, that’s the downside.

I’m using Microsoft Surface for running Client. Biggest pain is Windows 11 through touchscreen.

At some point I will likely try to install Linux on the Surface. As GNOME desktop is better through touch screen than Windows.

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Nope. Desktop.

I did a search on the 20khz filter prior to posting but my search failed and @dabassgoesboomboom lead me in a direction to a topic that eventually had info relating to the filter. Good stuff.

I now understand there is no reason to have that filter always on. If I had found the “cut the crap” post I wouldn’t have started this topic.