HQPlayer Desktop No Audio Output

почему после установки HQPlayerDesktop его перестало слышно

why after installing HQPlayerDesktop it is no longer audible

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You will need to give us more detail. Was HQPlayer working before an upgrade or is this a new install ? Can you load screenshots of the main and settings windows ?

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Вам нужно будет дать нам более подробную информацию. HQPlayer работал до обновления или это новая установка? Можете ли вы загрузить скриншоты главного окна и окна настроек?

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new installation

Are you getting playback in Roon without HQ Player ? This article contains information about setting up audio devices in Roon.

This article describes how to configure Roon and HQ Player to work with each other. You have to point Roon to HQ Player (using either localhost or an IP address) and select the HQ Player Zone as the output Zone in Roon.

What sort of DAC do you have ? How is it connected to your computer ? Are there any other options in the Device menu ?

This Kick Start guide can be helpful when initially setting up HQ Player.