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I am from Ukraine , i find in our store this mini pc Міні ПК Wintel W8 Pro 4/64Gb. Windows 10 - в Украине, сравнить цены, купить... , it’s on the same platform as up gateway .Can I use this pc for NAA ? Or Up gateway will be better ?

It likely works just fine. There may be some hardware differences related onboard components not included in the Atom SoC. So it may not be exactly same hardware, although using same SoC.

I assume it uses 5 VDC barrel power input which is likely to pass through to USB VBUS as well. Which makes life easier for PSU improvements.


Hey everyone, what GPU would be low cost ideal for convolution and peq offload when I build in a month or two?

Looking at 13900k. Do you think a GPU is needed to do convolution, DSD 512 and sinc mx?

Lots of key info missing

Depends how many channels?

2 channels convolution is different to 8 channels

And which modulator? 2 channels ECv2 is very different to 8 channels ECV2

8 channels non-EC is different to 2 channels

And hugely depends on your music content? Are you convolving PCM or also DSD music?

Lots of key info missing

Depends how many channels? 2

And which modulator? 2 channels ECv2

And hugely depends on your music content? Breakbeat, pop, hip hop

Are you convolving PCM or also DSD music? PCM-DSD

Sorry, by content I meant PCM or DSD files.

Does this mean you actually have DSD music (files)?

Or you only play/stream PCM files ?

Only convolving PCM files and upsampling to DSD.

13900K should be fine to start without seperate GPU.

What I did with my 11900K build was make sure PSU and case could suit an RTX 3090 if I ended up needing a GPU.

So far I didn’t need it.

At least if PSU and case are RTX 3090 ready, then you’re covered if one day you actually decide to add GPU.

If you don’t choose right PSU and case to start, then those would need to change too if adding GPU.

What DAC? If it supports DSD512x48k rate that could help.

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There’s a good possibility you may not need one for what you want to achieve with 13900k. You could hold off on the gpu, make the build and try it.

If it doesn’t work. Get a gpu. :wink:

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I am using Gustard R26 and I think it maxes at 512 via i2s

Check the HQP manual and look at the filters you want to do.

Especially look at the “any” or non-integer ratios if you can only output 44.1k x DSD512

Those are the filters you can do with your DAC at DSD512 rate

I totally agree with your build. About a month ago I built a PC for Roon / HQP Desktop:
Intel I7 12700K
64gb DDR5 RAM
Samsung 980 NVME storage
1000 watt power supply.
ROG Strix Z690 motherboard

It plays every filter / modulator without dropouts to DSD 512 or PCM 768. Only for cosmetic reasons did I eventually by a GPU (Nvidia 3060 as new cards will be out in the next nine months) to fill out the case (a Corsair 5000D)

So go without the GPU for a while using HQP.


You can do PCM-DSD 512 and sinc MX with ADS7EC?

I will try with my 11900K and report back

I’ve given up on sinc filters so can’t recall

Much prefer poly-sinc-gauss family of filters these days

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I can tell you that I cannot do sinc-Mx or sinc-L DSD512 48k with 7EC with a i9-9900k and a GTXTitanX. I get dropouts ~5-15secs depending on the type of music and samplerate.

But I can do sinc-S sinc-M sinc-Ls sinc-Lm sinc-LI :smiley:

I have a 10900k I can try it with at some point, if it works on the 10900k without a GPU that will help give you a min spec baseline.


It is good approach to first make a build without GPU, unless you are sure you need one. But consider requirements of such when doing the build, so that you can later simply add it if needed.

This means considering case size and PSU capacity.

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i9-12900K, 16GB DDR5-6000, NO GPU - can not do Sinc-Mx: 192/24 PCM → DSD 512x48 with any EC modulators with out annoying shuttering every 5-10 sec (DSD5EC through 7EC 512+fs through 7ECv2, of course).

There are few filters that clearly benefit from GPU at higher DSD rates. Sinc-Ll is one of these. I mention Sinc-Ll, since I like it much more than Sinc-Mx (but this is totally personal preference).

With my 12900K NON GPU set up I can go up to DSD1024x48 with 1x: gauss-xla Nx: hires-lp with 7EC 512+fs modulator for example for extended listening sessions (I’m talking Roon Radio playback, mixed sources like a range of PCM 44.1 through 192 and DSD64/DSD128 sources, all day long like 8 hours+ easily)

But if I want to have Sinc-Ll - it is only DSD256x48 that is stable. When I try Sinc-Ll at 512, memory utilization is very high, like 12Gb+… for 16Gb RAM build this is a lot, but I doubt that it will change if I add additional memory capacity.

So here comes a dilemma - Would a step from Sinc-Ll DSD256x48 to Sinc-Ll DSD512x48 be really worth of USD $2000++ of a GPU price (because here we need a GPU with at least 16GB+ of memory ) ???

Although this is a Desktop thread, but my experience is with HQP Embedded. Well since we are talking CPU / GPU capacities I thought I could chime in.

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At the moment given top of the line CPUs, GPU offload is particularly useful for two cases:

  1. Doing convolution for DSD sources when output is DSD
  2. Doing multichannel

If one has an older or lighter CPU that cannot quite do what one wants, adding a powerful GPU may help by splitting out filters to the GPU and leaving CPU to do just modulators.

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Yeah, @jussi_laako, I think @Chunhao_Lee has demonstrated once how GPU lags with 12th gen CPU… basically CPU just waists cycles in waiting for GPU processing (this is about filters not convolving or MC of course)

I should be receiving 12900KS and 360 AIO cooler today, will see how far I can push that set up - but my quest is 7ECv2@1024

@Eminent_One, also if you are interested in Sinc-Mx @ 512x48 explicitly, may be you better ask/search @CA forum, in case anyone has it running.

And if that can be of interest to you - I’ve just tried 192/24 => Sinc-Mx @ 256x48 with 7ECv2 on my set-up (12k/No GPU), runs perfectly, no convolution though. And this is how it looks “inside” on the CPU and memory, a bliss:

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Did you check the manual to check what I mentioned above?

Per the manual, sinc-Mx only supports integer ratios

So if you DAC only supports 44.1kxDSD512, it won’t work

I just tried also but there’s enough info in the manual to work this out also

You will have to get a different DAC or find another filter to use/enjoy

A GPU won’t help with this output with your DAC

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