HQPlayer Embedded thread

Yes. Happened in 6 or 8ch. My i9 server could run 2ch DSD5EC to DSD1024 or x48, or 2ch ASDM7ECv2 to DSD512 or x48 whole day w/o issues. I experienced soft lockup or GPU driver quitted couple of times when using ASDM5ECv2, 7EC, 7ECv2 in MCH setup. Now I’m using the lightest DSD5EC to avoid it.

Mine MCH DAC is Anubis :sweat_smile: could only accept 44.1 based DSD… sorry :frowning:

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Is that true that rme adi2 can send and receive from HQplayer embedded something like a loopback channel? Then it’s very handy as two devices can be integrated as a upsampling box

I don’t know about loopback. But I’m using ADI-2 Pro for input. Analog input plus three digital inputs.

Yes, that’s how I’m using it. With HQPlayer Embedded, very flexible upsampling/player device.

Just wonder can I plugin my iPhone to Ubuntu and NAA to another HQplayer. I tired on Ubuntu with NAA daemon but seems it can’t see my iPhone as USB input,

@dabassgoesboomboom i saw you did something similar?

Yes I mentioned in our chat few posts up, you need special hardware that HQPlayer can use for UAC2 input.

Like the UpBoard Gateway I mentioned. Jussi has one too , that’s why it is supported.

That means I can’t do it in Mac?

My Mac can feed my UpBoard Gateway.

My iPhone/iPad with Apple Lightning to USB adapter can also feed my UpBoard Gateway.

Any USB source can feed my UpBoard Gateway.

I am wondering can I do the reverse, that is iPhone to mac with NAA, but think twice maybe a usb audio hardware interface is required

You need UpBoard Gateway to feed HQPlayer with a USB Audio (UAC2) source.

Macs don’t have hardware capability nor software support to become USB devices.

You need hardware that has USB Type-B (device side) port. There are two types of USB controllers; host-side and device-side. And some dual-role controllers like in UP Gateway that can change between the roles. Plus the OS driver stack needs to support device role.


Is Up Gateway powerful enough to upscale to PCM 768K with poly-sinc-gauss-long/lns15?

My UpBoard is running NAA OS

I can’ recall what it could and couldn’t do running HQP OS (Embedded).

If I get time I’ll load HQP OS on a USB stick.

It’s a pain in the a$$ to switch but I’ll try and test some filters but I can’t promise when. I also won’t have time to test every single combination of filter/sample rate/dither but if
PCM 768K with poly-sinc-gauss-long/lns15 is your favourite, I’ll test that.

Does your DAC handle both PCM705k and PCM768k?

What DAC?

@Isiah_Lau1 ok since I was at the computer I quickly did this.

No problem upsampling Apple Music 192k to PCM768k with gauss-long and LNS15

Auto rate family is enabled (my RME ADI-2 supports PCM705k and PCM768)

Input is Apple Music on iPhone using UpBoard UAC2 input. See all screenshots for all the details.

UpBoard’s input is UAC2 (Apple iPhone) and output is USB DAC (RME ADI-2). No NAA involved here. So USB in and USB out.

Running hqplayer-embedded-4.29.2-x64gen

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I use Teac-505.

Tends to buy ADI RME as it can connect both the input and output to a HQPlayer embedded, function as a DAC with scaler box extension?

How can things connect together?

The ADI-2 can be an input to HQP Embedded yes. Use RME’s Toslink/Digital coax inputs and USB output, which connects to HQP Embedded.

But you cannot then send HQP output to the same ADI-2 at the same time as this input feature.

You need to send HQP output to a different DAC (any DAC you want).

So the same ADI-2 cannot be both input and output at the same time.

Sorry keep bothering but i am still confused. let’s say i use iphone, how can things connected together?

I’m confused which system you are asking about because we’ve been discussing 2 different HQP inputs here today - UpBoard UAC2 input and RME ADI-2 input.

With iPhone and UpBoard:

iPhone/iPad (any USB source really) → Apple Lightning to USB 3 adapter (if using iOS source) → USB Type A to Micro B Cable → UpBoard Gateway Micro B input → HQPlayer Embedded (UAC2 input - see screenshots I already shared above) → USB Type A to Type B cable to USB DAC

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I got it. Thanks.

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Actually I remember something I wrote in this thread before.

Using UAC2 UpBoard input, automatic sample rate switching can sometimes result in white noise blast. When I did my quick test earlier, it was only playing 1 album at PCM192kHz, like I showed above.

This issue is easily solved by having HQPlayer output set to a fixed rate (i.e. disable auto family rate in HQPlayer).

I just tested now with different sample rate music - fixing HQP output to PCM705k and the UpBoard works fine with:

gauss-long and LNS15 noise shaper

I would recommend you fix HQP output to PCM705k.

I do that with DSD256x44.1k fixed output and never have an issue.

Using an RME as an input into HQPlayer doesn’t have this issue for me. Can switch HQP output sample rates no issues.

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Which model of UpBoard you used for the test?