HQPlayer - iFi Pro iDSD DAC/Amp

Anyone using the new iFi Pro iDSD DAC with HQPlayer?

I’m currently demo-ing one.

Those that have one already know but for others, it’s FPGA can up-sample any DSD256 (and under) input and any PCM384kHz (and under) input, up to DSD512 or DSD1024.

When fed DSD512 and PCM768kHz, it can’t up-sample to DSD1024, so only analogue filtering applies (like the micro iDSD’s).

So I’m playing around with HQP Embedded, comparing HQPe DSD256 --> FPGA DSD1024 versus HQPe DSD512. Both sound superb.

I would assume the performance/quality of HQPe’s filters (incl. noise shaping) is well and truely captured/covered when upsampling up to DSD256, so there’s no harm in letting the FPGA take it up to 45/49MHz?

@jussi_laako have you got one yet?

No nasty pops on headphones and no funnyy behaviour like I’ve previously seen with my micro iDSD BL, so far… So far it’s sounding great.

I’m not sure how it is doing the job, so it may be harmless, or may not be. Would need to measure it first. To be sure, I’d leave it off though.

No, it is a bit expensive to buy just for testing and it is not technically different enough from micro iDSD to warrant the spending.

That is good and what I’d expect!


Very true - but the DAC hasn’t got a clue if it’s being fed a DSD256 recording or up-sampled DSD256. So I would hope/expect Thorsten is doing no harm to any incoming DSD256!

If you lived down the road from me, I’d happily bring my Pro iDSD over to you to measure and listen. A little far from Australia though :slight_smile:

Sure it doesn’t know the difference. But if the extra massaging is going to improve anything is another question. So until investigated, to be safe, I’d leave the extra processing off. I’d personally just send DSD512 and have the DAC pass it through “bit-perfect”.

Yeah, we are almost at the opposite sides of the globe. :slight_smile:

I will keep eye if I can get one on substantial discount or eventually get used one cheap. Or a loaner unit from some local.

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I’m thoroughly enjoying HQP Embedded with Pro iDSD driving my MrSpeakes AEON Closed cans.

I have a fanless i7-7700T coming next week (this one) to replace my noisy Dell Inspiron 7567 i7-7700HQ

I’ll email you next week once I have it, to ask if you can (please :nerd_face:) transfer my HQPe license across to the fanless i7-7700T

After a couple of weeks of relaxed listening of DSD512 vs DSD256–>DSD1024, my ears do prefer just letting HQPe take it all the way to DSD512.

Allo were quick to help me patch native DSD support in DietPi and it’s been rock solid reliable.

I’ve just stuck with the tried and tested poly-sinc-short-mp-2s + ASDM7 combination and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t even felt a need or want to try any other filters with Pro iDSD yet, and I’m in no rush to. It sounds so good as is.


How to install Hqplayer in Pro idsd?

You can’t install it inside Pro iDSD

Also, I don’t have if anymore. Replaced it with RME ADI-2 FS DAC (AKM)

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@dabassgoesboomboom - Interesting you mentioned you have replaced the iDSD Pro with RME ADI 2 FS, given that the iDSD Pro is much costlier DAC compared to RME. May I ask what were the compelling reasons for you to choose the RME and letting go iDSD Pro?

I am considering them both as well for upsampling experimentation, would be helpful if you can share your inputs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, RME measures quite a bit better than Stereophile’s measurements of Pro iDSD .

However recently it’s designer (Thor - he has left iFi/AMR) has been on ASR Forum and mentioned a firmware update had fixed the issues that Stereophile’s unit had.

So now I’m curious to measure it since I now have a good Cosmos ADC for measurements (I didn’t have any measurement equipment when I had Pro iDSD)

But I need to access one or buy used, to measure

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@dabassgoesboomboom Thank you, I will check about it. I am new to upsampling, am trying to setup a dedicated desktop for HQPlayer - to upsample to DSD512.

Can the Mac Mini M1 perform the CPU intensive DSD upsampling without breaking a sweat? :slightly_smiling_face: do you have any other suggestions? I am considering the Mac Mini M1 as I am in Apple ecosystem, but I am open to experimenting with Windows and Linux and other CPU chips.

Please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi I’ve the similar DAC (NEO iDSD) and a Mac Mini M1. For DSD512 you can use some less demanding filters but in the end you will need a separate computer, I’ve an Intel i712700 desktop mini with a quiet noctuna fan running Unbuntu Desktop HQplayer.’

Also you need an NAA in the middle for any scenario for the HQPLAYER desktop to stream to DSD512.

Seems complicated but everyone on forum can help you step by step as @dabassgoesboomboom and @jussi_laako helped me in this journey


You have Pro iDSD? Or Neo?

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correction NEO iDSD not Pro :joy:.

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