HQPlayer Integration with Roon Core Running on a QNAP TVS-471

Hi All,
I recently installed the Roon core on a QNAP TVS-471 NAS (identical configuration described in Roon Knowledge Base) and it runs perfectly (very fast/agile). Previously, I was running Roon V1.3 on my MacBook Pro with HQPlayer doing the D/A upsampling/conversion. When migrating to the NAS, It appears one loses the ability to use HQPlayer (only install packages that seem to be available are for Mac/PC/Linux). Perhaps there are configuration options that I am not considering. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

HQPlayer was designed to run on a full PC, AFAIK. You could ask that question about installing HQPlayer on a NAS in the HQPlayer section, someone who monitors that thread. However, I would suggest getting in touch directly with HQPlayer and asking them about it.

Some setups have HQPlayer and Roon, each with their separate PC’s. You can do that now, just set Roon on the NAS to send the audio stream to HQPlayer running on your Mac. Although, imho, if you are going to be running HQPlayer, then I would keep everything (HQPlayer and Roon) on a dedicated computer.

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I gave up on wanting this when Roon DSP appeared.

I believe it should be possible to set HQ Player up in a windows virtual machine on the NAS but that’s beyond my level of know how.

I’m not aware of anyone who has this currently running on this forum.

Hi all, I was able to configure HQPlayer by defining it by the IP address of my MacBook Pro (i.e. where HQPlayer resides) instead of LocalHost (which it is not). Works seamlessly now. Only issue I’ve seen is with DSD512 upsampling (HQPlayer becomes unstable) - all other upsampling modes work fine. Perhaps there are minimum hardware requirements needed for the DSD512 upsampling (computationally heavy?).