HQPlayer Issues: (1) No audio. (2) Loses connections to default USB DAC

dear @bibo01 and @support

Issue1 Description:
Using this Path: [Router > Wire > MacMini > Roon (with Tidal subscriptions) > HQPlayer (localhost)] often Roon loose the connection with HQPlayer, while tapping the Play icon (in Roon) I can see the HQPlayer progress bar, that after 15% of loading progress it disappears, however the interface of HQPlayer seems to play because I can see the playback time going on … but no music!

Issue2 Description:
Using this Path: [Router > Wire > MacMini > Roon (with Tidal subscriptions) > HQPlayer (localhost)]
Often HQPlayer loose the default USB DAC output, and plays with the internal speakers of the MacMini, it seems to be a random issue: sometimes it works, but sometimes doesn’t; sometimes it works only after restarting HQPlayer, but sometimes doesn’t; sometimes it works after restarting the MacMini, but sometimes doesn’t.
Below the images regarding audio output configuration in MacMini:

Computer information:
MacMini (Late 2014)
CPU: 2,8 Ghz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
OS: Mac OS Sierra (10.12.1)

Network configuration:
Hardware Version: WLM-5600
Software Version: 1.30
Model Name: WLM-5600/v1001
Firmware Automatically updated: YES
MacMini and Router are Wired.

Music storage/streaming information:
No local storage, only streaming using Tidal service (configured in Roon).

Tidal configuration:
Country: Italy
Account: HiFi

Roon configuration:
Latest version of Roon Core + Output.

HQPlayer configuration:
Localhost setting +
See the provided image:

Cab we please see your Settings/Audio setup in Roon.
There should be one Zone named/enabled under HQPlayer localhost only.

I am looking at HQPlayer Settings/DAC bits. Do you have a 16 bit DAC?

Hi @bibo01,

as you can see from this image, it is as you wish:

Yes, I’ve a 16 bit DAC with 96 Khz (it’s a Ladder DAC). This DAC is using Jlsound I2S over USB interface (http://jlsounds.com/i2soverusb.html)


Yes, thank you.
However, you should not have any Zone Name enabled except HQPlayer - under XMOS no “Ramiro”.


I must add “Ramiro” after having problems with HQPlayer, but I’ve tryed HQPlayer alone having the posted issues

If more than one zone is enabled then OS gets confused. You should have only HQPlayer’s enabled.

dear @bibo01

No! I should have only Ramiro, because HQPlayer alone doesn’t work properly!

Then you are not using HQPlayer at all. You cannot have two applications playing simultaneously to the same DAC… If you try, you will just end up with troubles.

Dear @jussi_laako and @bibo01 ,

May be that I’m not so clear (sorry for my poor English), I’ll try to explain better: I’ve used only HQ Player, without Ramiro configuration: only HQPlayer output was configured in Roon, in this configuration I have experimented the issues reported above. Then, to allow me to hear my music, I was forced to configure also the direct DAC configuration, adding the Ramiro’s configuration that works without problem (with some other Roon’s inconvenients that here are out of topics). I hope it is clear now. Bye

Have you tried to playback through HQP only, without Roon? Have you ever lost your DAC connection?

Try to enable HQP log file and see if there is anything unusual when you have a problem. Look in the manual for the location of the log file.

Now it seems to work fine, but (strange) I need to disable auto start HQPlayer. If I start HQPlayer manually, it works fine … at least until now

An Update: (errata corrige) it doesn’t work! HQPlayer still loses the “XMOS USB DAC” output and goes with internal speaker. The only Workaround that seems to work is the one to open HQPlayer, than select the Preferences menu, that correctly shows as preselected the “XMOS USB DAC” output (but it’s not real), and then hit the OK button. Only after this moment, HQ Player uses correctly the “XMOS USB DAC”.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Again, make sure you don’t have same DAC enabled as a zone in Roon. Also make sure it is not set as default audio output for OS X, instead tell OS X to use for example internal speaker as default audio output.

again, yes!!! all the setup is properly configured

Please email me a HQPlayer log file of playback session where this happens.

USB devices falling out of USB bus is usually due to either problematic cable or too much current draw from the USB host.