HQPlayer lose connection to "XMOS USB 2.0 Audio Output" driver

Using this Path: [Router > Wire > MacMini > Roon (with Tidal subscriptions) > HQPlayer (localhost)]

often HQPlayer lose the Audio Output of my DAC that has a JLSound I2SoverUSB XMOS card, with Driver named “XMOS USB 2.0 Audio Output”. Unfortunately this issue occurs always but not at the same time, sometimes suddenly after the first few play second, sometimes after 3/4 tracks. When HQPlayer lose the driver this issue is propagated to the OSX that, from that time on, the OS X lose all the output channel (both Internal Audio and XMOS). Opening preference while this issue occurs, the interface freeze, after 5 minutes appear but no output is selectable. After 10 minutes like by magic reappear all the audio output: internal output and XMOS USB.
The issue is an evident an HQPlayer Issue, because on the same Mac but with TIDAL App and the same USB DAC, the music is never stopped … using the same software driver that is used by HQPlayer.

the DAC is a 16bit - 96Hz

it seems a ROON Issue in communication with HQPlayer

I am having the idential issue and have begrudginly disconnected HQ Player…I am using the same setup above but the Dac is the Aesthetix Pandora Eclipse.