HQPlayer: low volume on Dragonfly Cobalt

Hi gurus,
I tried Roon -> HQPlayer -> Ropieeexl -> DF Cobalt, setting fixed volume disabled, startup -3 dB, device volume in Roon. I get the volume slider in Roon set to -3 dB, sound is great, volume is just fine for items at that level, but I cannot set it higher for other headphones.
Cheers, Nick

I am having the same issue.

I downloaded HQPlayer trial to my (Mac) laptop yesterday and set Roon up to input HQDesktop with output directly to my USB-C DF Cobalt. Headphones are Aeon 2C planers. Same deal, at max volume, it was quite quiet.

By comparison, running Roon client on my laptop to the Cobalt, it can get way too loud. I tried to play with all the HQ and Roon settings but couldn’t figure it out.

Connected the Cobalt directly to the linux computer running HQP Embedded, limiting the bitrate to 96k. In this case volume level was fine with AGK K712 (62 Ohm) and HD 800S (300 Ohm). It seems that different volume limits are set by the computer where you plug in the DF.

In linux you set the output level with alsamixer (in Ropieee from ssh). There should be some tool to set the volume on your Mac as well.