HQPlayer NAA Not advertising DSD Capabilities of DAC

Hi all!

I’ve got a bit of a weird scenario. I can setup and use HQPlayer on my local Windows 11 machine alongside Roon running as a server and client on my PC. My DAC which is attached to the PC is a Fiio K9 AKM (capable of native DSD512)

However, I’ve recently moved my Roon Core to a separate Ubuntu machine and also installed HQPlayer on that machine. In accordance to the documentation, I downloaded the Windows Network Audio Adapter daemon and run it on my windows client where the DAC is.

Now comes the weird part, the daemon only reports back to HQPlayer PCM capabilities via the FiiO ASIO driver. This doesn’t make sense to me as when running HQPlayer directly on the machine and selecting the very same driver, DSD512 works perfectly.

There seems to me an issue exists with how the NAA daemon “advertises” the capabilities of the driver and somehow misinterprets its capabilities.

Is anyone able to point to a more specific direction?

Do you happen to have any other audio software running on the machine simultaneously? Drivers from Thesycon have a “feature” that if multiple applications access the ASIO driver, DSD feature falls off and it becomes PCM-only.