HQPlayer NAA on Allo DigiOne RPi3

Hi @jussi_laako

I’ve loaded latest NAA image on RPi3 with Allo DigiOne

But HQPlayer doesn’t see the Allo DigiOne - it only sees the RPi3 USB and HDMI ports

On the HQP Embedded webpage allo-digione is listed under "Currently available overlays on RaspberryPi images"

Is it also part of NAA image for RPi3 ? If so, why wouldn’t it show?

At the top of settings what to you have backend set to ?

Network audio backend of course.

I use 4 other NAA’s fine

Have you tried Audiophile Style Forum lot more help for HQPlayer over there

Did you enable the overlay?

Nope, didn’t know this was possible with NAA images.

How to do ?

The same way as generally for RPi, by editing config.txt on the boot partition.

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Thanks ! Will do

Just in case it helps others, it was pretty easy.

Just added one line at the end of config.txt on the boot partition: