HQPlayer No Upsampling?

@jussi_laako Is it possible to utilize the PCM filters but not upsample at all? To just pass on the original sample rate yet still use poly sinc short mp, etc?

Just want to experiment :+1:

Yes, with many, like poly-sinc it is possible. But not with every filter.

How do I set it? I have the upsampled limit set to 96K. But I don’t want things upsampled to 96K but rather stay as they are entering hqplayer.

You can manually select wanted output rate for each material from the Client.

By that do you mean in hqplayer I can manually set it according to the original sample rate in Roon?

Yes, remote control clients allow you to do this pretty easily.

Is there an iOS app yet? If not, what android device would I need to buy in order to have a HQPlayer remote? Thx


If I search ‘hqplayer’ it’s the first (and only) app that shows up in the App Store…

Oh wow, that’s new. Forever and ever there was no iOS version. Thx!

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Jussi isn’t the developer of that app.

It’s done by another HQP user, who’s done a great job.

But it’s been around a while.

I just haven’t checked in a while. I was clamoring for it back in the day when it was android only.

Does it only work with HQPLAYER server? I have desktop. Can’t figure out how to connect ipad to Mac mini.

I figured out how to connect it. I use Roon. So my interest is in being able to adjust HQP filters with the remote. Is that possible? Or is it just for playing music? @jussi_laako?

Of course primary focus is in playing music, but you can adjust some settings from there as well. So it is functionally similar to HQPlayer Client.

I’ve tried but can find no place to adjust filters or sample rates. The Settings section of the iOS app seems to only relate to the library. Where in the app can filters and sample rates be adjusted?

In Now Playing view, which is the middle view when you pull up from the library bottom selection bar, on the left you have settings and on the right you have playback queue.

Here’s a screenshot of what I see in the Now Playing view on my iPad. I only see the transport, and the volume. I don’t see anything for changing filters or sample rates. What am I missing?

From that screen I swipe right on ipad air brings up settings screen

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Oooooh, swipe right. I literally never had to do that with any app ever. But yes, this brings up that settings screen, cool, thank you. What’s the difference between the “Rate” sample rate settings on the app and the “Sample Rate Limit” on the HQPlayer desktop settings?

Those settings match exactly with the ones in HQPlayer Client.

Rate limit setting in HQPlayer Server is maximum rate allowed to be used. HQPlayer will attempt to use that rate, but can use any available rate below it as necessary.

Rate set from a client is explicit, it is either that one or nothing.

In general, the settings in HQPlayer Server are preferred default values. Changes made from clients change the active settings which can override those preferred default values.

You have not used Instagram client on iOS? There you have camera on the left side and direct messages on the right side. On Snapchat you’ve got private messages on left and stories on the right. On Twitter client you get menu from the left. Similar swipe actions.

On HQPlayer Client you have album view on the left and playlist editor on the right.