HQPlayer not finding the sample rate

Roon Core Machine

Mac Studio ultra with macOS Monterey (12.6.1)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FritzBox 7590, Mac connected over ethernet, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

RME Fireface UCX connected via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

about 1500

Description of Issue

I try to connect HQPlayer with Roon. I always get an error message saying that HQPlayer does not support the requested sample rate.

I moved this to the relevant HQ player section where some of our resident HQ experts should be able to assist you best.

Please check that the PCM rate limit in HQPlayer is not set to higher than 192k. And set Adaptive Rate to grayed.

Dear Jussi,

thank you very much!

I have found the problem: Under “Input Source” the item “Network card” was not chosen. Now it is working.

Sincerely, Albert

Now, I have bought HQPlayer (more than 236 €) and with this paid version, the problem is even worse. It is a fiddling every time I want to start Roon with HQPlayer (always the mentioned error message (despite the fact that I have switched to “Network card” and “Adaptive Sample Rate” is switched off).

Can you share a screenshot of all your HQP settings?

It’s much easier to understand your config.

And why are you selecting network card under input source?

Your RME is for output? And HQP input is only Roon?

For Roon, HQP input should be set to ‘none’.

Hi dabassgoesboomboom,

here you are. I have tried to set network card to none, but this did not help.

Sincerely, Albert

Jussi previously mentioned in reply above - set PCM sample rate to 192kHz

Also set Vol Max to -3dB

Also make Multicore DSP “grey”

Network card should remain none for Roon use.

Everything else looks fine

Hi dabassgoesboomboom,

thank you, very much! Now, it is working. I hope, this is not by chance again …

Sincerely, Albert

Don’t touch any of the settings I mentioned and you will be fine ! :grinning:

Enjoy the music !

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