Hqplayer not function

Roon Rock i7, Streamer: 3DLAB Signature,
HQplayer i5 NUC 16gb windows 10 PC

I installed the latest HQplayer 4 desktop on a Windows 10 PC, firewall select :+1:.
Roon setup :
add hqplayer, add ip address, select Zone HQplayer.

Setup HQplayer:

file settings - output device settings- backend - network audio adapter and I can’t select any device.

at input device settings - backend - network audio adapter - device - here I see my device 3DLAB…

On the tablet when I want to start a song in Zone HQplayer, the message appears. Starting playback on your audio device. This may take a moment!

What can I do?

Do you perhaps have Roon Bridge or similar in your endpoint where you have NAA too?

If yes, did you remember to disable that one in Roon Settings → Audio?

I have a Roon core and the streamer. No USB cable only LAN cables are installed. Everything is working fine.

I installed the latest version of Windows 10 nuc HQplayer Desktop 4 and it doesn’t work. In the Roon audio settings only my streamer and HQplayer are selected. When HQplayer is selected as zone I can’t play music.

Message : start playback on your device and it may take some time. Playback failed because Roon could not connect to hqplayer. I think it’s understandable. What should I do?

You need to disable your streamer there in order for HQPlayer to be able to access it. Please see the last paragraph on this page:

First close Roon altogether and verify that HQPlayer can play standalone. Then you can start Roon and check if you can play through HQPlayer. Troubleshooting is easier done in smaller pieces.