HQPlayer on Antipodes S40/K30/K50

Hi all!

I’m planning to use one of the Antipodes mentioned above (S40, K30 or K50) as HQPlayer dedicated device, nothing else. Audio output from HQPlayer via USB to my DAC is a must.

Actual I’m using a MacMini M1 for this purpose. Always converting to DSD256, 1x/Nx poly-sinc-mqa/mp3-mp, ASDM7ECv2. Works flawless, but I would prefer 1x/Nx poly-sinc-gauss-hires-mp.

The M1 is a 4-core system (the virtual cores are mostly useless with HQPlayer) but the Antipodes S40/K30 is a single core machine. I don’t know how much cores the K50 has, but it’s advertised as multicore system.

Are there any users with experiences about the performance of the Antipodes machines combined with HQPlayer? Which machine is recommended for higher load filters, DSD converting and 7EC noise shapers?

Thanks for any hints and help!


Do you have the actual exact CPU model that these servers use?

It would give a good idea of what you can or can’t do - unless Anitpodes have limited the CPU performances for their own reasons.


Their machines are really black boxes and I’m in fear, they keep such informations secret.

I didn’t find any notes about the CPUs used inside Antipodes. That’s why I asked for users who own an Antipodes to share their experiences.