Hqplayer on Macbook Pro

I have downloaded the trial of HQ Player. How do I install it on my Macbook Pro to use it in Roon .I have followed the instructions on Roon. Roon says I have HQPLAYER installed. How do I make it work? I am using th MBP as the core and it connects to my Project DAC via USB. When I play a track there is no sign of HQ Player in the list of processes in ROON.

Thanks for any help

Have you checked:

Do you see an HQPlayer Zone in Roon ?

If so, can you post a screenshot of HQPlayer Desktop Server Settings ?

Yes I have followed the setup procedure. It all seems pretty simple. But nothing happens. When I play music with HQP enabled there is no mention of it in the signal path. Is there so thing else I have to enable or adjust.

The settings are as standard I have not changed anything. I just installed HQP and the enabled it in ROON. But nothing happens

Here is the setup with error message .what does it all mean

That there is already a HQPlayer zone for that IP address. You can just go on and select that zone for output.

You have the Pre Box S2 Digital Zone selected in Roon. You need to select the HQ Player Zone and play something in order to listen through HQ Player.

See here for information about Roon Zones.

You also need to select the appropriate output in HQ Player for your DAC. A screenshot of the HQ Player Settings will assist in that regard.

I see what you are saying. I didn’t realise that I had to select HQ Player as the zone I just thought it did its thing and sent the data to the pre box s2 digital. What you are saying makes sense, but that information doesn’t leap out from the set up guide on ROON.
Does HQ Player preserve MQA.,.? I say this because the MQA light has gone of on the pre box S2. If I switch back to using only the PRE BOX S2 the MQA light comes back on.

  • Finally, choose HQPlayer from your Zones menu

What do you think the guide should say rather than the above ?

No. Jussi isn’t a fan of MQA. He has expressed concerns that the filters are leaky and noted that FLAC can perform a more efficient compression.

Best way to handle MQA is to let Roon decode it and HQPlayer upsample it. IMO, gives better results than using the MQA upsampling filters.


Hi Gents,
Spotted this thread,maybe you ffind time help me as well.
Trying setup HQ to see if poit to buy it.
I followed Roon instruction enabled in HQ network control
Added HQ player in Roon with macbook pro ip in.
I can set hq player as a zone.
I also downloaded and installed NAA driver .
When try play with HQ player zone first it shows wait patient playback will start and now one time now Playback failed cause cant connect to HQ player.
Thanks for any suggestions ,no point to buy expensive soft if cant make it work.

Where are you running the NAA? Is it really needed?

Have you configured your DAC as output device in HQPlayer and disabled it at Roon side?

In prefferences in HQ player deskktop.
What should i select as output device-Backend
I can choose:Core Audio an than devices:Built in output,Default
Network audio player no devices on the list
Network audio adapter Ipv6 no devices to select
As input device exactly same as output.
When disabled Mscaler in Roon nothing change Mscaler is not visible in HQ-Macbook is on same network as Dac and Roon core on intel nuc.
i think I should start ffrom proper settings in HQ player.

What device do you have connected to where that you’d expect to use as audio output?

If you’d like to output to locally connected MScaler, select CoreAudio backend, and the MScaler from the device list. It is also good idea to make sure MScaler is not selected as a default audio output device for macOS.

Then set PCM rate limit to 768k, select PCM as default output format, LNS15 as Dither and filter of your choice.

Ok so as understand instead rock core connected to M scaler by usb need connect Macbook with HQ player.
I will try it.
If I want use macbook with HQ player/Roon remotely not connected to M scaler and use Hq player in Roon what settings shoul I use than.? :thinking:

Depends on where your MScaler is connected to…

My set up is
Intel nuc with Roon Core by usb to Mscaler and Mscaler with BNC audio cables to Chord Dave.
Macbook is used for now as Roon remote.
HQ player is installed on this Mac.
I like to use if possible HQ player on mac operated/controled from Roon remotely.
In that case as understand Roon core will use HQ player to play audio by Roon
I hope it makes sens.

Not knowing what OS your NUC is running, you’d need to have NAA installed and running on the NUC.

Hi, its clean Roon os on nuc no windows.
How instal NAA on Roon core. Is it possible at all?