HQPlayer on Windows Server

I am currently runnng Roon Core on Windows Server 2019. My endpoint is a NUC running Audiolinux headless from a USB stick.

Will this system allow me to try HQPlayer?

Yes you can run HQPlayer. Even a Raspberry Pi4 can run HQPlayer.

You didn’t mention any CPU details. What you can and can’t do depends on CPU and/or GPU available.

It is free to do the trial.

Give it a shot and report back?

For the endpoint, you can burn NAA OS to a USB stick to try (free).

Thanks for the input. It is appreciated.

If I use the NAA USB stick will it still show up in Roon as an endpoint? Or it it just an endpoint for HQP?

NAA OS is an OS built by Jussi just for NAA. So no Roon endpoint.

I don’t know if Audiolinux supports NAA? If it does, then your existing USB stick can be used for both HQP and Roon but I never used Audiolinux