HQPlayer OS Update

I virtualized the HQPlayer OS within Proxmox as i did with ROCK.
Since this is no embedded install within another Linux OS, but an bootable stick (IMG file which i mounted as drive), how do you normaly update the OS?
Writing a new stick or is there any mechanism to do so within the HQPlayer OS?

If there is no update mechanism, i think i switch to the Linux OS + package installation, maybe as LXC container.

That’s the only way

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Thank you, that unfortunate.

Looks like this isn’t as unfortunate as i thought.
Since i mounted the boot stick IMG file virtually as drive, i thought it would change the hardware id if i switch the IMG file.
But this isn’t the case, so there is no need for me to get a hardware dongle and i could only get the normal embedded license.

I’m currently doing this for testing… testing because it falls over too much so I consider it “testing” instead of being able to seriously use it yet. I’ve got PC parts on the way for new build but…

Using Virtual Box I have to convert the image to a disk file VBox understands. So the process goes something like this:

  1. Back-up existing configuration
  2. Download new HQPe image
  3. Use VBox to convert downloaded image from 2 into a format it understands
  4. Point VM at new image
  5. Boot
  6. Restore license
  7. Restore back-up config from 1.
  8. Set-up ssh for remote login
  9. load any “missing” software
  10. Do more “testing”.

My new PC build will not have a HD so the steps will be same except I’ll be rotating bootable sticks. I may get fancy at some point and automate the creation of sticks to include config and license.

My understanding is that it will change the HW ID if you create a new VM (that’s a new machine). Only changing the drive will keep the same machine / HW ID. Your experience is same as mine when I’m using VBox.

Yeah, i also switched the drives and increased the RAM still works, i think either the MAC or the host CPU got fingerprinted.

RAM, GPU and disk storage shouldn’t affect the fingerprint. In future, GPU may affect it, but at the moment it is considered to be one of the regular variable parts.

But my thinking is that it is regular extension to have more RAM or more disk space added.

Get the USB key from Jussi. Problem solved.

No need, since the fingerprint does stay the same even if i switch the drive.

I’ve been using virtualized HQPe quite a long time and know the fingerprint issue well. I’m tired to backup and keep 500% safe for the original VM I bought for the license. Good luck to you then.

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It’s been a while since this discussion, but some things never get old :slight_smile:

So did you get HQP OS and dongle to work together? I’m currently trying HQP OS as I’ve had problems in linux in general. I was thinking that HQP OS would be the best candidate to check that things work. However, so far no luck.

Did you set something specific in BIOS or something?

Always work together. :slightly_smiling_face: Like I mentioned to get a USB dongle is the best investment for HQP OS / HQPe. I got 3 dongles to ease my 3 embedded license / HW ID.

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