HQPlayer quits when I use Roon to advance to the next track

Hi, this is a new problem for me. It happens each time I try to advance, whether via Roons iPad app or directly on the computer.

I am using build 99, HQPlayer 3.13b3 on Mac OSX Yosemite. I upsample to PCM 768 using poly sinc short, NS5.

I have reinstalled HQP, restarted the Mac, repaired using disk utility.

Any ideas please?


Ok, answered my own question: reinstalling HQP 3.13b3 or trashing HQP preferences did not help; HQP would crash whether I stopped play before advancing or not; but going back to HQP 3.12 has solved the issue.

Yeah, we’ve seen some crashes in the beta when interrupting tracks (or just pressing the stop button in HQPlayer) too. In our observations so far, it’s been limited to PCM output modes–DSD output is very stable for me. We’ve reported it to @jussi_laako, and I think he is working on it.

Happens to me as well with the 3.13 beta versions, all the time. However I am up sampling my PCM files to DSD outputs (normally poly-sinc-shrt-mp, ASDM7, DSD256).

All working perfectly now with Build 102 and HQP 3.13b7. Thank you very much.

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