HQPlayer + Roon = Transport: Couldn't connect to HQPlayer



Roon gives me the above error message. I have read in the forum all similar posts without being able to fix the issue. HQPlayer can play files alone, but when controlled by Roon, I get this error message: “Transport: Couldn’t connect to HQPlayer”.
Ping works in all directions. The HQPlayer icon “Allow Control from Network” is activated.

Configuration: Roon core running on Qnap TS-1277 (64 bit AMD Ryzen, proprietary Linux). HQplayer Desktop newest version is running under Audiolinux (www.tophifi.it) in a Virtual Machine in Qnap. Signalyst Network Audio Daemon is running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ under the newest Dietpi DietPi_v6.7_RPi-ARMv6-Stretch. The network Audio Daemon was installed under DietPi from the software menu. The Raspberry Pi 3b+ drives a DIYINHK XMOS USB DAC.

I used this configuration (with older versions) without any problems. Initially it took a while until I got rid of clicks and pops, but for the recent 6 months it was flawless until the flashcard in the Rpi got a software fault due to an irregular power down. After reinstalling all the below components: NAA, Audiolinux and HQPlayer desktop, it still does not work.

Please support.

Hi @Laszlo_Cser,

Since noticing this behavior have you tried rebooting the QNAP Core?

Can you try removing HQPlayer from Settings > Audio and then re-adding it?

Yes, I have rebooted Qnap Core several times.
Yes, I have removed HQPlayer from Settings > Audio and re-added it.

Both had no effect, behavior remained unchanged.

I could successfully ssh from the environment Roon (not core) is running into the HQPlayer environment.
Also I could invoke the remote side login in the environment of HQPlayer via ssh from the environment Roon core is running.

Hi @Laszlo_Cser,

Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling HQPlayer again here and let me know if there is any change?

After the upgrade, I had to go into the HQPlayer web interface and reselect the NAA (an ultraRendu). Then Roon with HQPlayer started to work again.

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My bad. I mixed up the IPs of Rpi and Hqplayer. Now it works.
Thank you for the support.

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This is weird: in the meanwhile I do not get the transport related error message, but the zone will not play, track progress chart will not be updated, but the zone signal indicator shows signal activity.

OK again. Assumption: rpi and DAC were getting different mains from approx. 2 meters distance (asynchronous switch on/off). After removing the ^ setup and feeding with the common supply, no more problems. A misery. I hope this really was the root cause.

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