HQPlayer Signalyst DSC1 Open Hardware DAC

Has anyone built this?

If not - why not ? :grin:

The full design is given.

It can’t be that hard can it !? :crazy_face:

Why is nobody charging a fee to build and sell.

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You can refer to VEZZOSO discrete DAC
L7 lab
Measurements of VEZZOSO DSD-NB Discrete Δ-Σ D/A Converter

L7 Lab measurement is not very good.

But are they using DSC1 design? I can’t find their website explaining this

The design of this dac refers to dsc1.
You can search”DSD501HIFI” on taobao website.

There are various ways to improve this design. I made a lot of changes myself to the original one, but was too busy to update the POC documentation. But I posted some updates at diyaudio.com site When implemented in a similar way, make and model of the switch register-latches is pretty critical. Even if the model number is the same, different manufacturers have different implementations. Although they all work the same from digital data function point of view. However, this DAC use is a mixed-domain use case and very different from what the chip was originally designed for.

But essentially similar ones can be found such as T+A DAC8 DSD and DAC 200 / HA 200. And Holo Audio Spring for example.

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I think PureDSD and others called it DSC2 - taking your improvement suggestions and maybe some others

Here one guy compared DSC2 (board by PureDSD) vs his Merging NADAC (ESS chip)

Both fed with DSD256 from HQPlayer

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Yes, I’ve been talking quite a bit with Pavel, his site is here:

I have also one of his DSC variants! (I think the one called “DSC2.5”)

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