HQPlayer skipping

Both 4.15.1 and 4.15.2 won’t play from Roon without drop-outs. Music plays for a second, drops the plays then drops etc.
4.15.0 is fine. No changes in settings when changing versions.
Anyone else have this problem?

Are you still having this problem? I am using the latest versions of Roon and hqplayer and have tried a number of changes which had variable success. Changing communication between my Roon Server / hqplayer PC and my RopieeeXL from powerline to WiFi helped initially. But then the problem suddenly deteriorated badly. I discovered that the Wifi extender no-longer had a good enough connection with my router so I moved it closer… This improved the streaming considerably but I still get occasional skips… I have also tried a direct Ethernet connection (temporary because it goes along the ground however this is not without skips too) Removing hqplayer from the equation seems to remedy the situation but I prefer the sound with it…