Hqplayer ubuntu studio update

I am using Roon Rock with Hqplayer ubuntu studio! Where do I see which version I am using and how do I update to latest version ( automatically ? )?

If you have HQPlayer Desktop, you can see version by selecting About from Help menu.

On HQPlayer Embedded you can find version from /about page of the web interface.

There are no automatic updates at the moment, on purpose, for various reasons.

Thank you Jussi! I have 4.6.0! How do I update?

Sorry, I have desktop for ubuntu studio!

You just download the new version and “sudo dpkg -i” the package. Maybe some graphical tools will also do this. Essentially you just install it over the old one.

Please explain!

You download the package. Usually it ends up in your Downloads folder. So in terminal you go there “cd Downloads” and then you install the latest package.

At the moment latest package is “hqplayer4desktop_4.10.1-33_amd64.deb” so you’d install it with “sudo dpkg -i hqplayer4desktop_4.10.1-33_amd64.deb”. You can then ensure that all needed dependencies are pulled in, in case there are any new, with “sudo apt install -f”. Then you are done.

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Thank you Jussi but you have to excuse me! I am not very knowledgeable in computors in general and especially in Linux!
I have downloaded the latest version but where do I write these instructions?

In terminal window, you can find Terminal from the Start-menu.

Use the keypress Ctrl+Alt+t to open the terminal. Then type the following in the terminal window.

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i hqplayer4desktop_4.10.1-33_amd64.deb
sudo apt install -f

You’ll be asked to enter your password.

Looks like someone else did install everthing and hope that person gave the root password.

No, there is no root password in Ubuntu; that’s why sudo is used. @Per_Svensson don’t be concerned with this comment.

If you are uncomfortable using the Terminal then according to this page double clicking on the downloaded .deb file on the desktop will start installation.

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Cd downloads does not exist and I cannot the .debfile! Sorry, but I am new to linux ubuntu!

Open a browser in the Studio desktop. Go to the Signalyst site and click on the Ubuntu download button at the bottom of the Consumer page. After the download completes you will find the .deb file wherever your browser stores downloads. Double click on it.

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I had already done but then I was asked to remove desktop 4 and I did not want to do that! Now I did and then I doubleclicked again on .deb file and now it installed and it works with all old settings! At last! Thanks—


Yes. I baulked at the same question using xfce desktop. For some reason upgrading is treated as deleting the old and substituting the new. Glad you’ve got it working.

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