HQPlayer with Pi4

Hi, all, I am thinking of incorporating HQPlayer into my system. I am currently running C658 as streaming dac. It does not have any digital out, but only Coax and Optical Input.

My plan is to pick up a Pi2AES and use my Pi4 as a NAA and connect it to my C658 via one of the digital input.

Am I thinking correctly? And will this improve my sound in anyway? My C658 is limited to 24/192 and does not play DSD natively.

I’ve heard so many positive reviews about HQPlayer, but it’s a bit overwhelming to figure out how it all works. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have dreamed about C658 so many times, because of my C296. Always wanted the MDC module to put a usb in the C658. Pi2AES might be cheeper if you already have a Pi4.
As for the SQ I have 2 cheap dacs, BB Zen Dac and Ess CA200M but HQP makes them sound better and with more options.

You probably meant C298. I use the same amp and they are such a great combo. Will putting the MDC DAC module give me similar upscaling and filter capabilities as HQPlayer? I only stream from Tidal and Qobuz so no DSD streaming.

:crazy_face: those numbers… and always with a C… Yes 298

On the usb MDC: 24-bit/192kHz PCM and DSD256
DSD 256 I think is nice, I use DSD 256 from a zen stream NAA to a USB Zen Dac v2. It would be nice as by using a Pi you will not get the DSD. If you can have a listen that would be great as to not spend you money with no benefits. HQP has a nice trial, 30 minutes play and than stops and you have to restart the app and again works for 30 minutes. Noe the MDC module I do not know how much it costs or if you can get one just to try.