HQPlayer Zone - Tracks not playing as expected

Hi @Steven_Bonamo ----- Thank you again for your patience here, very appreciated!

Continuing forward, our techs are still unable to reproduce this behavior you are experiencing and the received diagnostics unfortunately do not contain anything conclusive in regard to what is causing this behavior to occur :face_with_head_bandage: As such the team would like to try and further isolate some variables here by having you temporarily move your Roon core to another device that is not running Win2012 R2.

Looking forward yo hearing what observations are made during the proposed troubleshooting exercise. Thanks!



rather than move my Roon core off my Music PM I can run it with my computer which uses an Audioquest Dragonfly. Also, if you could make available the earlier version of Roon that allowed everything to work perfectly, that might help and would allow me to have full operation.

Hi @Steven_Bonamo ----- Thank you for touching base with me, appreciated!

Is the computer with the Dragonfly also hosting HQPlayer? A little more insight into the test configuration would be very appreciated as I want to make sure that the proper testing takes place as to not waste any of your time.

Additionally, we don’t recommend downgrading as it has the potential to cause other issues.


No the computer with the Dragonfly does not have or use HQplayer.

Appreciate the follow up and clarification @Steven_Bonamo! One more question for you concerning this test configuration, what OS is being used on the computer with HQP, Win10? I know from your earlier post you mentioned that your “office system” is running 10.

The reason for my asking is because the team wants to see how things perform with W2012R2 temporarily removed from the equation just to confirm how things perform. You had expressed some concerns with the W2012 computer so we want to make sure we look into this variable as well.


The computer with HQPlayer is running Win2012R2.

Hi @Steven_Bonamo ---- Thank you for getting in touch with me and my sincerest apologies for the delay on my end.

I wanted to reach out and first see if any new progress of observations have been made since your most recent post. Secondly, I think it would still be wise to see how things perform under Win10. My understanding of what you have available to you is the following:

  • Roon core = Win2012R2
  • HQPlayer computer = Win2012R2
  • Dragonfly PC = 10

Being as two out of the three devices are running Win2012 my recommendation would be to temporarily run your Roon core on the Win10 device and then leave HQPlayer on the device it is currently running on. If this does not yield any different results the next step will be to run the core and HQPlayer both on the Win10 computer. Let me know what you think and we can continue from there.


Hi Eric, sorry for not getting back sooner.

Nothing has changed, same issues with HQplayer / Roon under Win2012 R2 that temporarily went away with an update a month or so back (reverted back to same issues after another Roon update). In terms of Win10 and HQplayer, I don’t have a Win10 disc to load + it’s a big job to load the OS, drivers, all SW, patches etc to another OS and as such isn’t a high priority. I will likely reinstall Win2012 R2 sometime soon.

I have just started to use HQP and I wanted to let you know I am having the same problem with track progress in Roon. The time does not progress, although it does in HQP and is playing ok. Very odd.

HQPlayer is 3.25.1 Desktop
Roon is fully up to date.
Windows 10.

EDIT : I found out what this was - when HQPlayer setting is set to show REMAIN (remaining time on track), Roon will not progress the track time.

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Thanks. I was asked to do a reinstall of my music server (OS, drivers, apps including Roon and HQplayer) which I did and the same thing occurred - First the track progress worked until Roon asked to do an update and then it stopped working. I believe it’s a bug in Roon when trying to manage the playback through HQplayer…

Figured it out - HQplayer needs to be on “Time” not “remain” or “Total remain”. Works perfect when set to “Time”.

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