Huawei P30 does not see Roon Core with app

Microsoft Windows 10 Famille
|Version|10.0.18363 Numéro 18363|
|Type|x64-based PC|

I have the latest Roon and built installed.

Huawei P30 does not see Roon Core with app.
Stuck on looking for your Roon Core.

Turn off Windows Firewall.

OK, now that I am connected, if I put it back on it kicks me out…

Have you added exemptions in the firewall for Roon, RoonServer, and RAATserver.

Try connecting to your 2.4Ghz wifi router.

Hello @Olivier_Corriveau, while you’re on the “waiting for your core” screen you should see a “help” option. If you enter the core’s IP address or enter are you able to make a connection?

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