Huawei P8 Lite android phone not supported?


Hi there

I was using the free 1 month trial but cancelled it due to no iso support and due to my phone not able to use the Roon app for remote access. Regarding ISO support, I could convert all my files to DSF. Regarding the phone issue your collegue asked via e-mail to start this topic so the support theme could look into this.

I will start with more info on my setup:

  • latest version of Roon downloaded from your website (can’t login to see which version and 32/64 bit because my 1 month trial has expired and can’t login to Roon anymore)
  • custom built audio PC with Paul Pang usb V1 (amongst other audio grade components), Windows 10 latest version with Fidelizer 7.5 Pro in purist mode
  • PC connected to Mytek Brooklyn DAC via USB (can’t remember if I used ASIO, WASAPI or … and can’t login to Roon to check)
  • TB’s of music stored on internal SSD and external HDD’s connected via USB
  • internet connection on PC via ethernet
  • internet connection on phone via 3g/4g/LTE
  • phone is Huawei P8 LIte

Music plays well via PC.

The issue: When opening the Roon app on my Huawei P8 Lite android phone, I get a black and white screen where I can’t read anything. Just black blocks of different sizes, which normally are supposed to be sentences text I guess (login maybe?). This screen does not change. It keeps “hanging”. I added a screen image via this link:


Thanks in advance for looking into this!!!

Musical regards


Hi @Dries_Van_Hooydonck ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you verify for me what version of Android you are running and if rebooting the phone has any effect on the application’s behavior.


Hi there @Eric

Android version is 6.0. Rebooting does not solve the issue.

Thx in advance for looking into this.

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Hi @Dries_Van_Hooydonck ----- Thank you for the follow up and confirming that information for me :sunglasses:

Are there any other applications or processes running in the background when you notice this issue while launching Roon?


Hi @Dries_Van_Hooydonck,

Are your phone and server on the same LAN? Reading your first post I see you don’t connect your phone using WiFi.

Roon is designed for all devices to be on the same LAN for them to connect nicely. There are ways to control over the internet but it is outside of standard setup. If you search this forum you will find users and descriptions on how to do that custom setup.

Happy holidays, Joachim

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@support @Joachim_Fishman @Eric

Thx for the reply!

When no other apps are running I have the same problem.

My phone is on the 3g/4g network of my carrier. My audio PC with roon is connected via ethernet to the internet, and my local network.

This might be the problem, but still would not explain why the Roon app has visibility problems on my phone. I can only see large blocks of black on a white screen, like I showed on the attached picture in my first post.

I’d like to try your workaround regarding phone & pc not connected to the same network. You told in your message there are other topics that have more information about this. Could you send me the link? I can’t seem to find them on your site.

Thanks in advance & I hope to get this sorted…

Try a search for vpn on the forum, should give a place to start.

However if you have an issue with your phone you will not know if you got the vpn correct. I would set up with WiFi first to get your setup working the “normal way”.

Good luck and happy holidays.

Hi @Dries_Van_Hooydonck ---- Thank you for the feedback and the follow up. I would highly recommend considering the advice given by @Joachim_Fishman in regard to making sure all of your devices are on the same LAN as it will ensure that there is stable communication amongst your devices.

Can you confirm if you are able to engage the Wifi setting on your phone and access your home network?


Ok thanks for your reply. I don’t use wifi at home. Only wired ethernet. I use Roon very happily without smartphone control at the moment… I don’t think I will go through all that hassle. I’m perfectly happy with my navigation right now using a screen, a mouse & a keyboard near my confy couch & listening position… :slight_smile: