Huge battery drain on windows

Hi. Got to install Roon for the first time today on an Dell XPS 15 Skylake. Roon is using all of the Intel graphics card processor. Always staying above 92% enough so that it enables the laptop fan and my battery draining way too fast.

If I minimize the Roon window, Intel gfx card cycles goes down to 1%.

Hope there’s a solution to this. I can’t use Roon remote coz I’m also using Fidelizer Pro that disabled the wifi.

Thank you.

Thanks for reaching out to us, @mark_olivan!

Can you confirm whether or not Roon is performing Audio Analysis? You can check this by going to Settings > Library.

Can you give some additional specifications on the Dell Core? What CPU is it using? What Intel graphics? How much RAM?


Okay that makes sense. I’ll check it out. Interesting it uses the 3d engine of the Intel gfx card. Guess it’s using the GPU. My CPU is only at 9%.

Dell XPS 15 is the i7 Skylake version. So it’s the Skylake Intel gfx chipset. Ram is 12gigs

Oh wait. Just realized the audio analysis theory doesn’t stand coz the Intel gfx chipset cycles go down to 1% if I minimize the window.

Okay. Found it. Copying and pasting this frim ur site. Shame coz I wanna disable wifi and networking.

Rule 2: Control and Output on separate devices
Roon’s user interface is a GPU-accelerated OpenGL masterpiece. It works your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) harder than any other audio app we’re aware of. Do you really want that GPU doing its thing right next to your audio gear? Didn’t think so.