Huge number or artist art replacing/updating

Newbie needs a hint on how to allow the roon server to populate the database with metadata not available from the roon online services.

Looked for some time in here and looked at the roon software.
What I’m looking is a way to for example let roonserver import albumartist artwork from a specified folder where files are for example named in the form .

Adding/replacing more but 1000 missing artist artwork manually on a 1by1 workflows isn’t somthing I’d consider to go for,

hints appreciated on how to solve this (and likely similar upcoming issues)
Any idea if there’s a guideline not just aimed on newbies with roon, or poeple starting a collection but something in the form … if you have a huge database and have metadata in the following form … then the best way to feed roon follow these steps … so something similar.
I would believe that most didn’t go for roon first and then started collecting music. It’s most times the other way round.


Roon doesn’t pick up local artist artwork automatically - as far as I know. It’s probably a feature request.

strange thing. Though roon is for music collectors which suffer from problems that their collection became uncomfortalbe to be handled by the software used before.

And this group not only wants to import the music, but also make use of the existing metadata. Let it be embedded into the tracks or stored in separate files. Since in this example it makes not that much sense to store high-res artist art in all tracks of an album.

And yes perhaps I’ll add this as a feature request …

Thanks for reaching out, @StefanB!

As mentioned by u_gee above, Roon does not automatically import local artist artwork. A Feature Request regarding this would certainly be welcome. We’d be interested to know how you have this artwork stored, and how you’ve imported the artwork in other applications you’ve used.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

I’ll also mention that we’re currently investigating an issue related to artist image editing, which can cause custom artist images to get lost in some cases. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this before you started manually editing artist images.

If you have any questions about this please let me know!


Regarding the use of metadata, this article on file tag best practice in the context of Roon is possibly of interest…

ok a quick reply to both of you
@dylan: I could for example specify a folder which does hold images named

Still needs some mapping code, since in case the artistname should contain special chars forbidden to be use within a filename depending upon the used operating system isn’t that easy. (some lines of code needed)

@Geoff_Coupe / perhaps also interesting enough for dylan
I knew about that. Very disappointing. A short example what happens and how it could have been implemented:
Assume I run 2 other apps against my music collection which do require a specific information from an embedded frame named ‘RecordingYear’.
I could now duplicate that information into a frame named ‘originaldate’ or whatever roon assumed.
Following issues arise now. The music files are modified asking for a backup (6TB? dammit)
The 2 frames don’t make that much overhead in size I would bother, but they aren’t linked. Once one of the apps does modify 1 frame things get unsynced which starts a big problem in larger collections and you finally loose track why something shows up while while you’re sure you corrected it already.

The more clever way (not only a roon issue but a quite common one) would be the ability to define the frame_names for import. At the moment these are hardcoded which makes no sense nor is it such a bit effort to provide a writable box in the gui which by defauit contains ‘originaldate’ or whatever roon uses. But the ability for the user to adjust this would easy things for the user. Software should address me needs no the other way round. My task shouldn’t be to modify everything until the software gets it.

Could I provide a folder containing Artist Artwork and let Roon scan and import when required?

I started a project to determine Artwork for each Artist for my UPnP server based playback route, as such I have 1,000 or so images. Although unfinished, as I moved to Roon, once Sonore’s UPnP Bridge product worked properly, it would be good to reuse them.
And maybe I will finish the project.