Hugo 2 powers off when Roon core control of audio ("lost control of device", "responding slowly", etc.)

OS and hardware:
Roon Core - Windows 10 Professional - purpose built for Roon Core music server.
Asus Strix Z-370 I motherboard (ITX form factor)
Intel Core i-5 8500K CPU
16GB DDR 3600 RAM

All DAC’s, amps, etc. are directly connected to the core via USB

Software: Roon Core - 1.7 - build 537

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
2 ASUS RT-AX92U (AX6100s) routers in a mesh configuration (Asus “AIMesh”)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Server -> USB -> Chord Hugo 2 -> headphones (network is not involved)

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Hi Folks,

Occurs with Hugo 2. Whenever Roon throws an error (e.g., “lost control of device”, “responding slowly”) the HUGO shuts off (all power). It repeated 4 cycles of the same behavior - I called it quits at that point and decided to seek help.

I do not know if the Hugo is the cause or the result of an issue - it has not occurred with other DAC/Amps (e.g., RME ADI-2 DAC FS). Server is stable and reliable and I have not noticed any errors recently except in this situation. I reinstalled the Hugo 2 drivers - the issue still occurred.

Additional info: I play mostly .dsf files, processing speeds are good - typically 6+x, all DAC/Amp devices are connected via USB to the core. Windows event log is not showing any errors, the drivers for both devices are current vendor provided ASIO drivers.

Is there some logging that I can turn on in Roon to assist in debugging the issue?

Thanks Steve

Hi @steve_smith1,

Just to confirm, is this only happening with the Hugo? If you play to System Output as a test does that work okay?

Yes, just with the Hugo so far. That said, let me check some other devices and I will let you know the results later today. (E.g., RME ADI-2, system out, a Klipsch Three speaker, etc.)

I played music through both the RME and Hugo 2 in the same zone starting this morning and it is still going (12+ hours continuous). There have not been any playback errors, so there is nothing to report.

I will keep testing and will write back if there are any updates.

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