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I am connecting a Chord Hugo to the Nucleus via the USB port. It does not seem to recognise the output. Only showing HDMI. Can you help?

If that does not work, should I use an HDMI to micro USB to the Hugo?

Or, should I connect a Dragonfly red directly to the USB port?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @Juan_luis_Perez,

Can you please clarify which model of the Hugo you are connecting to the Nucleus? Is it the Hugo TT, original Hugo or Hugo 2? Have you made sure to go into Roon Settings -> Audio tab to enable the Hugo as an output device?

You will need to enable it prior to selecting it as an audio source, more info on enabling zones can be found in our Audio Settings KB Article. Also, I would make sure that the Hugo is powered on and has the USB input selected once plugged in.

It is the original Hugo

Let me try over the weekend and see if it works

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Did it work? Am about to try the same with a new Nucleus+.

Hello @Michael_Hedges,

The Chord Hugo should work when connected to the Nucleus via USB.


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