Hundreds of covers lost?

Content you’re reporting an issue with

![Missing artwork|690x370](upload://5zvMR8qQBk8J5PN1FjxKeYgAOpg.jpeg)

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue


Hundreds of cover images that I had added to my Roon library are seemingly gone, I realised yesterday.

This may have happened in the last months without me being aware, as I have been mostly away from Roon, except for some streaming and the successive updates.

In Roon Edit Album window, I see either no image (like in the screenshot), or some image provided by Roon instead of mine.

The problem seems to affect to ripped CDsn as flac, to which I “added” an image in the Edit Album window. There are no visible jpegs in the album folder.
I tried restarting the core, turning it off and on, Clearing the cache…I think this is all.
BTW, I wonder where Roon stores the images that I add in the Edit Album window.

I am running Roon on a Nucleus +. Version1.8 build 831.

Sorry I just saw that only the second image was uploaded. This is what it looks like. I am showing a Rubinstein collection where I had added individual images of the CD covers. Only less than a dozen remain, from more than 144. The situation repeats itself in many other places in my library

Hi @Antonio_Ballesteros,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Was there any change at all to your storage locations recently or anything like that?

Hi, thanks for the fast reply. I have not changed a thing for many, many months, except for adding a few albums from Tidal/Qobuz. I have stored everything on the Nucleus+ Solid State drive since I started with Roon, as far as I know.

Another screenshot, just in case it is useful

Hi @Antonio_Ballesteros, I’m hoping you can do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library and get a screenshot of what you see here?
  2. Can you confirm if you see this if you use a different remote device?
  3. Please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

With this info we should have a better idea of what might be happening here. Thanks!

This is the library maintenance screen from my Mac

This is the same window from my iPad

I will be uploading the logs in a moment

I have noticed what seems a related issue: in some cases, certain album covers that I had added to an album have appeared replaced by others without any intervention on my part (as I said, I haven’t touched my library for more than a year except for adding some albums from streaming services.

As you have probably seen, I already submitted the zipped folders for the RoonServer and Raat logs.

Thank you for your help


I am also having basically this problem. I have all metadata set to “file” but I cannot get Roon to show the album art consistently as I have saved it to the file in Jaikoz Audio Tagger. Half the time it does but the rest of the time Roon shows any old generic album cover it feels like. Real pain for when its a Japanese album or something like that but Roon just shows the normal version.

How do I make this work?

More information, and a doubt.

The information: Many (but not all) of the dissappearences / changes in artwork have taken place in album collections that I had previously split. For example, The 42 abum Baroque Era Collection by Decca. I had created separate albums for each disc, applied metadata (including cover)…Many of them show now the “common” Baroque Era" box cover, instead of the specific album cover that I had used. In the Rubinstein case, as I said, I had created individual albums for about 140 discs in the box set. Here, most of them do not show any cover now, only the generic Roon image. However, album names and other metadata appear intact.

The doubt: I am reviewing the collection and I am starting to fear that there are a few other metadata that have also been altered. Is this possible? For example, I think I remember I had the Bach Cello suites by Rostropovich in two separate albums with 3 suites each (as they were originally published as CDs and as I had imported in Roon), which appeared in my Roon with their original covers. Now they seem to have merged in one album with the 6 suites, using a Penguin cover I had never seen before…

This is what I mean

This would make me think that Roon has run some kind of partial “re-identification” of my collection. Does this make any sense?

Hey @Antonio_Ballesteros,

Thank you so much for following up with a wealth of information. We’re terribly sorry we missed on your thread for this long… :pensive:

Unfortunately, Dylan is no longer part of the Roon team and we are catching up on replying to everyone he’s helped.

Since it’s been quite some time since your last post, I wonder, has there been any development? Do you have any updates you could share?

Hi, Rebeka

I repaired all the “damage” in my collection, which took me several days. Luckily, I had kept some of the jpeg files that I had used previously, Others, I had to search for them again.

From what I saw throughout my music collection, I think it confirms my first impression: Some Roon action, perhaps an update during these months, substantially altered the artwork I had assigned to my albums without my knowlege, sometimes replacing it with another one, sometimes just making it dissappear, particularly where I had collections that I had split into albums (For example, Rubinstein’s complete CD collection, Callas’ complete studio recordings, and so on). I think some “re-identification” took place without my knowledge.

I systematically re-applied the artwork from Roon’s Edit album screen, by clicking “Add image” and browsing for the relevant jpeg. However, I cannot see where those jpeg files are stored in the Roon system. They are not copied in the folder with the relevant music files.

Could you enlighten me about this, i.e., where does the image that I add as cover to an album in the Edit Album window go?

The good part is that I noticed a big improvement in all Roon functionality regarding how you can groom your music library, including a better user interface and a wealth of data to help “identify” your album. Way better than the first time I did it, 3 or 4 years ago.

I took advantage of this to streamline the album titles, artists and other credits. I have a question about this in relation with the export of the music collection, but that will go to a different post.

To sum up. I think the lesson from all this may be that Roon updates or Roon action on users’ databases should be more careful and, in case user’s data are altered, at least the user should be warned and have the choice of reviewing such changes first. My two cents.

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