Huron for the DirectStream DAC is live

Huron is now live. You can download it from the PS Audio website and install it now. My update took less than 60 seconds. Just wanted to let everyone with a DSD know. This is not available for the Jr yet. They said one more week.


Sounding fantastic too. Not a subtle improvement at all.

Can’t wait to download the firmware and update DirectStream. Any comments on the new sound for those who have upgraded?

For me only, sweeter midrange, better bass, more top end detail but at the same time much smoother than Torreys, in a natural sounding way. Very happy indeed and it’s working really well with the Bridge II and Roon for me.

It’s a completely new DAC, all with a 4mb update. Crazy.


The DSJr version is now available too. Some users had to “downgrade” from Torreys to Yale, then install Huron, to make the upgrade work. But it is not a problem to do that.

Sounding fantastic.

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Agreed. It’s not the same DAC after Huron - completely different and better in every way, to my ears.

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This happened to me as well…(need to downgrade to Yale in order to install Huron)