I accidentally merged two discs from different sets. Now what?

The subject tells the story and I don’t have much to add. I merged two discs that I thought were part of a two-disc set. I’ve done this many times without a problem but this time something wasn’t quite right and the result is a terrible, horrible “Frankenstein’s album” with one disc from set A and one disc from set B. I thought that unmerging would be simple but I can’t see how to do this.

Can someone help me unstitch this monster so I can put him back together correctly?

Here you go:

There is not an “unmerge” function. You can use the above instructions to split the frankenstein into two albums.

OR, you can remove both albums from the watched Roon library, clean out the library, and then move them back in and have Roon re-discover and identify them.

You do, under "Settings/Library’ have “unmerge artists” and “unmerge compositions”. Although I doubt the former could apply, the latter may in a small number of cases. Personally, anything merged, imho, should be able to be I merged.

Thanks, Daniel. Very helpful! In the end I realized the monster was even more terrible: all of the mp3 ‘track title’ tags for one of the two discs were actually for an entirely different recording. Very sloppy work from Archiv Production for a major recording by one of their top artists. This labeling led to complete havoc in Roon. I finally deleted both discs from my Roon library, corrected the mp3 tags, and copied back. All is well now.

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