I added a Nucleus+ and lost all the Tidal and Qobuz albums in my Library

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Hello @Mark_Snyderman, welcome to the community!

It would be really helpful if you completed all the information requested in the template, and explained what you were using for your Roon Core before. Did you restore a backup, or start from scratch? Have you logged into the TIDAL and Qobuz services?

Note that you won’t have lost these albums, since they are favourites in your TIDAL and Qobuz accounts.

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Which makes me think the nucleus+ somehow got logged out of Qobuz and Tidal.

Thanks. I was using a MacBook Pro as Core. I backed up Core and restored onto the Nucleus. I have tried logging out and back into Tidal and Qobuz and nothing changed. Before the switch to the Nucleus, I had about 55,000 tracks in my Library. Now I have 33,000. I assume the 22,000 were all from Tidal and Qobuz. I am also having trouble creating new Tidal and Qobuz favorites through Roon.

Now Roon won’t play anything, including tracks on my NAS.

Have you rebooted everything including your network equipment?

I’ll try that

I rebooted everything. Now it will play music from Tidal, Qobuz, and my NAS, but I still have the Library problem.

Do you still have the old Core setup? If so, just start it up, filter on Tidal and Qobuz and note the numbers. This should give you the numbers for each streaming service and local files. Then start up the new Core and do the same comparing numbers. That way you can tell exactly where the deficit is coming from.

Once you know for sure that it is the streaming services, or, local music, then further investigations/suggestions can continue.

Thanks, but I don’t understand. How do I “filter on Tidal and Qobuz,” and what numbers am I looking for? I do know that I’m about 22,000 tracks short in my Library compared to the old Core.

Go to My Library > Tracks and click on Focus. You’ll see a pop-up as shown below. Scroll down until you see STORAGE LOCATIONS, which will have the track counts.

OK. It says I have about 9000 tracks in my Tidal Library and about 5000 in my Qobuz Library, but I can’t see them. If I go to a composer like Brahms, for example, it only shows me the Library albums that are on my NAS, even though I have added scores of Brahms albums to my Library from Tidal and Qobuz. It won’t even let me see the Tidal and Qobuz Discography for Brahms, even those not in my Library.

If you go to albums, Focus, and select Tidal, it will only display the Tidal albums. Does it show all the albums when you do this?

Another thought.

Are any of these albums, by chance, ones you already own? Meaning, you own the album, but also added the Tidal or Qobuz version? If so, then they may be hiding under versions. If this is a new setup, then all duplicate versions are hidden by default, this can be changed in Settings -> General -> Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to YES.

Thanks. I can use Focus to see all the Tidal or Qobuz albums for Brahms whether or not in ny Library, but when I click the Library button, I only see the ones on my NAS. Almost none of the Tidal and Qobuz albums in my Library are also on my NAS.

If you’re in My Library > Albums, this view includes all the albums you have added to your library whether they are local media, TIDAL or Qobuz. It won’t show you releases not in your library.

So, make sure you’re in the right place. It seems you are on the discography page (for Brahms), which is why you can filter on your library. However, this includes all sources and not what’s on your NAS.

Furthermore, as @Rugby says, you may have album versions grouped. Therefore, go to an album that you know to have locally and on TIDAL or Qobuz, and take a look at the Versions tab.

These can’t be on your NAS since they are delivered via streaming.

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When I go to My Library > Albums, I see everything in my Library, I think, including stuff from Tidal and Qobuz, but there is no album art for the Tidal and Qobuz albums, and when I open one up, there is no Versions tab, only Tracks. This is also what happens if I try to add a new Tidal or Qobuz album to myLibrary: it creates a Library version with no cover art and no Versions tab. And I still have the same problem that I can’t go to Brahms and see all the Brahms in my Library. I was able to do that with my old Core.

Did you restore a backup from the old system?

Yes, that’s how I got the Nucleus+ started.

I just restored an older backup, and the problem is fixed. I obviously don’t know what the problem was with the backup I used to set up the Nucleus+ originally.


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