I added albums to my library in Tidal, that aren't showing on Roon

I’m very excited about all the Masters Tidal added, so yesterday I went on an “addition to library” frenzy

As you can see on the image below there are several Helloween albums in MQA now:

They’re all aded to my Tidal Library, but when I go to Roon they’re in normal flac versions. The ones with red squares should be MQA. Note it added “Keepers Of The Seven Keys 1” (shouldn’t have the red square, my bad) and Better Than Raw, but not the rest:

I thought it was a regional thing but I can play the files through the Tidal app with no problems

Any ideas?

Have you re scanned the Tidal link in settings/services/Tidal. Select re sync.

yes, nothing happened, still getting the normal flac versions…

Do you have the Roon streaming quality for Tidal set as “Master?”

Yes, I dont have problems playing the other MQA albums

I’m in the UK and get this.

Yeah, I have Better Than Raw and Keepers Pt1, BUT not the other ones, that’s why it’s weird to me becuase I added all of them at the same time

Have you tried playing them and looking at the signal path. They may be miss labelled as Roon uses the same CD ID number and an update is slowly rolling out.

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The top row are one’s I added last night plus 3 MQA playlists.

So simple, it hurts…

Thank you, THAT was the “problem”

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Brilliant, I’m glad you are sorted… enjoy…