I am currently using JRiver23 to rip CDs to FLAC 44.1, 16bit

Is there a better way for an audible improvement? I have a large CD collection. what is the ultimate way to rip them into useable files for Roon?

Rips are rips you can’t improve sq of a rip only ensure its error free e.g. no skips or jumps. The consensus for accurate rips is to use dbpoweramp as it uses accurarip which is a database of exact rips so it does a checksum to compare. If you have error free rips with jriver why change?

DBPoweramp is popular but it isn’t free and other programmes can do what it does for free (or a donation of your choosing) albeit a little bit less user friendly. I use Exact Audio Copy and it has retrieved rips from otherwise unplayable CD’s on the odd occasion I have had damaged or off centre CD’s. You can set it for speed or accuracy and it accesses the AccurateRip database to confirm good rips.

If you have or can assemble a PC with say 3-5 CD/DVD/BR drives you’d do well to get dbpoweramp’s batch ripper to rip the lot concurrently and slash ripping time. No way I’d have gotten through all my CD’s without it.

The big advantage of DBPoweramp over JRiver is the ability to use accurate rip. This allows a 1 pass rip if the result is consistent with other rips in the database. JRiver always uses 2 passes to get a secure rip and takes twice as long.

I’ve used both extensively. The only difference is speed. Sound quality is the same.

Also JRiver uses its own metadata (YABB I think it’s called). It’s not as extensive as the choices available elsewhere.

If I had thousands of CDs to rip - I’d definitely get DBPoweramp.

I used JRiver to rip my original set of cds

Never noticed it particularly slow, also I have never noticed any sound issues


Thank You, Everybody. There always seems to be something new, or a better way. But it seems that JRiver is ok for getting the best quality rip, as long as its working, which I believe it is. I was posting, in case there was some new upsampling, or other method that would yield audible improvements. Evidently not- Wheew! That saves me lots of time! Rob

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+1 for dbpoweramp, because of accuraterip. It will tell you if the rip is not accurate. Inaccurate rips happen every now and then. Cleaning the CD then usually helps.
jRiver is a great media player platform, but its ripping engine does not check integrity of the rip with accuraterip afaik.