I am getting tired of LG V30 as an endpoint. Alternatives?

I use lg v30 as endpoint for Roon. All attached to a couple of active speakers Presonus eris E5 with Sub8 subwoofer. All fantastic, only if I get a phone call then I have to disconnect everything quickly with horrible noises coming from the speakers. Such horrible noises are there even if I take my phone in my hand for a moment to see some messages. Having said that, I wanted to buy a better external dac than lg v30. I was wondering if a Dragonfly Red would be a valid substitute or a Topping. My budget? 200 max. What do you think?

Hi Vale,
You will need something else as well to act as the streaming part, you don’t want to use the phone as Roon wont see the DAC if you attach it to it so you won’t get much benefit. It will play via the phones is to it but Roon wont have exclusive use or any control
Roon and Android are not great bed pals. If you use a computer or better a raspberry pi attached to the DAC of your choice then it will make a better starting endpoint as it will be bit perfect and handle hires and mqa where Roon on Android won’t in any situation currently. It’s an extra £50 more or less for a pi but worth it.

Proposition 1: Put the phone into airplane mode and turn on wifi.
Proposition 2: Raspberry Pi, preferably 3 (less power consumption and heat), with Hifiberry DAC2 HD e.g. You still need a power supply, a case and an SD card, round about 200 €. There are cheaper options for the DAC.

I finally decided to buy Topping D10s. I read great reviews for the price.

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