I am SUDDENLY unable to connect to Roon Core

My Roon Core is ROON NUCLEUS
It is connected to my home’s WIFI/Ethernet via ethernet cable which is VERIZON FIOS service
I use iPAD and the ROON application
Sunday AM my ROON application would not connect to ROON CORE
The nucleus is on and powered up. It is plugged into my home’s ethernet and the light to right is glowing green. The light to left of ethernet cable is amber
I have powered it ON and OFF
I have restarted ROON NUCLEUS - OFF and ON

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My endpoint is a DcS Vivaldi ONE running TIDAL service/MQA etc
I have approximately 600 tracks in my library
I inserted a 4 TB internal hard drive upon purchasing this unit a year ago

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Hi Dean,

I only have one suggestion. Powering off and disconnecting the power for a few minutes to see if something resets for us. Otherwise, I’ll be sending you a PM with my diagnosis and next steps.


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