I am unable to output anything but 44.1 16bit

This should be the quickest way to explain my primary concern- I have three.
current setup: macmini late 2014,el capitan,i 1 tb ,8 gigs ram.I use Itunes latest as library,bitperfect app handles music.
itunes itl file is on mini hd,All media(99%) aiff ripped from cd,lives on 3 tb wd ext hd usb 3, output via bitperfect by usb ’ to oppo 105D.normal stream is 384kz 32 bit integer mode.to senn 800ds via oppo headout. sounds great.regardless of roon control variations stream remains at 44.1 16 bit. Please educate me,thanks,mikelfas

Hi Mike,

Have a read of this KB page just to check your DAC is setup correctly.

Can you upload a screenshot of the settings for your DAC showing what resolutions it is telling Roon it supports ?

Lastly, Roon may not be yet accepting 32 bit resolution files. I’ll leave a flag here for @brian to let us know the situation in that regard. I know that there were issues some time ago where a 32 bit file was getting downsampled to 16 bit rather than 24 bit, but not sure what the current treatment of 32 bit files is.

In addition to the above, it would be good to see a screenshot of your Signal Path, like this:

Then, I’m sure we can figure this out @mikelafs. Thanks!

roon working better still no hi res,added hq player today, i am studying how to set up ,hopefully this will solve my issue
how much does hq player cost?

Hi Mike,

I’d really recommend solving any hi res issue with Roon before adding HQP. It’s more likely to create additional complexities than to resolve any existing issues. Are you able to upload screenshots of your DAC playback settings and signal path ? The up arrow icon in the forum editor window is the upload tool.

The Signalyst webshop will tell you the cost for various versions of HQP in your local currency, but I would recommend sending a PM to Gianluca (@bibo01) who is an authorised HQP reseller and may be able to quote a better price for Roon users. I purchased HQP licences of all types through Gianluca.

I beleive i can now that you’ve told me how the oppo 105d specs are on their website in very detailed form I will try to get you roon screen shots Thank You a lot

Hi @mikelafs — Just wanted to follow up, are you still having a problem here? Let me know and we’ll be glad to help, thanks!