I ask you to solve the problem of using Roon.

I ask you to solve the problem of using Roon.


  1. I am currently using the Apple MacBook Air as the Roon Core, the Sotm sms-200 as the Roon Ready device, and the Northstar USB 32 DAC.

  2. By the end of April this year (roughly) I was able to listen to Tidal music and ALAC files without any problems.

  3. By the way, sudden abnormal symptoms appeared in early May.

  4. I also contacted SOtM company in Korea, but I did not hear clear answer about problem solving.
    (I adjusted the resync value, and changed the MQA Capabilities, but the result was the same)


  1. When playing a Tidal MQA source, the hiss noise continues to sound very loud, until it stops playing. (In most cases)
    If I put some time (more than a few tens of seconds), click on other tracks, and then play again, the music will come out normally. (Sometimes it took too long to give up listening to the music)

  2. When moving from MQA source to Flac or Alac (CD level), the sound does not come out. The music is played on the screen, but no sound is heard. (Almost half)
    In this case too, I put some time, or click on other tracks and then play again and the music will come out normally.

  3. What is important is that my system has not changed at all, but suddenly I have these symptoms.
    I think it’s probably related to Roon’s recent update (my guess)

I would like to ask you two things,

  1. Is this the problem of my DAC?
    (Which can not respond immediately to changes in music source)

  2. Is it a hardware or software problem with the sms-200?

I am considering purchasing Nucleus now, and if this is a problem with my DAC, this purchase will be useless and I am deeply concerned.

And if this is something that can not be solved, what system can you recommend me? The quality of the sound should not be lower than the current system at the lowest cost.
(For example, adding DDP on the current system (between the sms-200 and the DAC), or changing the Roon Ready device …)

I expect your answer.

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If you remove the sms-200 does the problem go away?

Hi @Cheong-Moon_Keem,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

For this SMS-200 device, please share the following:

  • Confirm that it is on the latest firmware version
  • Share screenshots of Device Setup for this Zone
  • Share screenshots of the Signal Path when playing to this device

Please also verify the following:

  • Do you experience this issue with other endpoints? What if you play to System Output of a remote device?
  • Does this behavior also occur with local, non-TIDAL content?

Thank you for your quick reply.
I will answer your question.

  • My network system has no problems. It works properly with Shareport function in sms-200.
    (As I wrote in my last post, I played Roon well for a year without any problems)
    -sms-200 The firmware of the device is up-to-date
  • Pictures of the device setup and Signal Path are as follows.
  • On a System Device, and through a DDP device not Roon ready,
    sounds normal. No problem.
  • The same symptoms occur in the playback of ALAC files too.
    (After playing the MQA file, there will be no sound when playing the ALAC file.The 44.1kHz file has the same symptoms.)

Pictures of the device setup and Signal Paths

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