I believe I am getting incomplete Search Results in Roon

For LP’s that I have needledropped I append (LP) to the Album Name. For instance “Ben Webster & Sweets Edison ‎– Ben And Sweets (LP)”.

The same is true for individual tracks - Ben Webster & Sweets Edison - Ben And Sweets (LP) - 01 - Better Go.flac

However, when I search for (LP) to create a playlist of these albums or tracks I do not get a full listing. Clicking on the “View All” link take me to a subset of all the albums or tracks.

So, is this a normal response or is something else going on?


I would add an album Tag to those albums. That way you can just focus on the tag and get them all as a subset. It might be quicker that trying to figure out an a case by case basis why one track or album is not showing in the search result.

Are you using the search or focus option?


clicking on the search magnifying glass and typing in (LP)

Try displaying all Albums and then click Focus. In the top left of the Focus area there is Filter. Type (LP) and see if that works.

Cheers, Greg

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I don’t know if this is causing your problem or not, but (to my knowledge, because I asked about this long ago) Roon only shows you a max of 100 hits on any search result. The explanation I received likened it to internet searching, in that it seems likely that what you are looking for will be in the 1st 100 hits delivered by Google or Bing, let’s say.

I find that behavior unfortunate, and I really think the limitation was chosen without considering the needs of pop/rock completists and/or enthusiasts. For instance, take any Deadhead (I’m not one, btw) – they’re very likely to have hundreds of versions of Franklin’s Tower/Slipknot, or Ripple, or whatever. In my case, I’m well over 100 unique instances of You Really Got Me (Kinks), etc, etc…

If I want to find a decent Chinese restaurant nearby, then yeah 100 hits is obviously fine. But if I want to see my 142 instances of YRGM (Kinks) then arbitrarily leaving out 42 from the search results is really unacceptable.

And don’t even get me started on the inability to sort-by-field any search results you do get…

ha-ha – OK, minor rant off. :slight_smile:

Having said all this, I don’t know if this behavior is what you’re seeing…

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Interesting. However, don’t think that is what is happening here because I can get varied results both in the number returned and the actual files/albums at different times. Sometimes I get less than 2 pages of results, sometime 3 pages.

I don’t know how it is indexing the files or parsing the names of the tracks/albums/folders so unsure why the varied results.


No, that didn’t work. Not sure exactly how many albums I have that have (LP) but I did the same for tracks and it showed 1212 found. the same search in JRiver MC21 returned 5881 tracks.

Hi Keith,

You might want to do some research and check tracks (or albums) in JRiver that are LP and compare with those tracks (albums) in Roon. Check and see if the (LP) in the track (album) description came over during import.

If they all did, then I’m stumped.

If not, then I would follow Daniel’s @rugby suggestion. It might be a bit of work, but it would be easy to find the albums, once it’s done.

It’s easy to experiment with the tags to see if will work for you. Just select a couple of LP albums (right click or long press them) and select the three dots on the top left of the screen. Create an LP tag. Then click Save.

Now in the album view, select the tag in the top left of the screen, next to the heart. Click on LP and those albums will appear. If you hit Play All, then they will play the songs on those albums randomly.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Do you have Roon set up to show your metadata?

Roon may replacing your album name.

Go to albums, select one album, then choose select all

The edit and choose the metadata preference of the file rather than Roon and see what you get when you focus.


Agree…if Roon has found an ID match it will have layered that as your album detail view. (LP) maybe shown in the version comment still.

If all these needle drops are in a separate watch folder then focus on that folder. Select all albums then either

A) add a tag e.g LP
B) set all albums to use tag data only for album title
C) do both A and B

I believe punctuation in the search box, both here and in Wrong Album, causes a failure to find things. This is a long-standing problem. (issues/11477)