I can discover CORE but not the phone's audio

Roon Core Machine

PC running win11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

home wifi
VPN Zerotier

Connected Audio Devices

Primare NP5
iphone 13 Pro

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I use a router in my car and enable Zerotier for intranet penetration. When I run the Zerotier client on my phone, I can discover CORE and my phone’s audio device. However, when I don’t use the Zerotier client and rely on the built-in Zerotier in the router, I can discover CORE but not the phone’s audio. It seems the connection is established as I can access any settings, but I cannot discover the phone’s audio. Have any experts encountered this issue before?

The phone is a private zone, so you’ll need to go to Settings > Audio on the phone, and change the setting.

Incidentally, using a VPN with Roon is an unsupported configuration; use ARC for remote access to your music.

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Discovery of zones over VPN is spotty at best as Roon randomises the UDP ports required for discovery. Also these ports are most often not forwarded via standard vpn traffic. As Roon itself isn’t supported over VPN your very much on your own working this out. If you use pier to pier connection then results may be more consistent.


I need to use a diagram to illustrate the current issue. Please take a look and see how to resolve it?

There isnt a solution as I said its hit and miss getting VPN to discover Roon zones over VPN its an unsupported method. There isnt a magic bullet. Using Tailscale sometimes it works others not. Use ARC with zeotier it will work without this problem.

My phone can penetrate the internal network using the ZeroTier client, which indicates that it is feasible.

So can tailscale or Wireguard but as I have said you will not find a solution that will stick unless you can forward the required UDP Multicasts it requires. I can get local phone or pc endpoints discovered 1 in 20 times of connecting. As subnets and VPN’s are not supported by Roon RAAT and the traffic it generates isnt generally passed though a a VPN you will find its a very inconsistent area with it working in certain configs for some and not for others and for most its still all unreliable.