I can install an iOS app on a Mac? Exactly how?

Trying to install Remote on a Mac. Did not know I can install an iOS app (.ipa file) there. There are simulators and such to do this, but I don’t think that’s what is meant. Explicitly how do I do this? Thanks.

Hi Charles,

Just download Roon for Mac OSX and when it asks, run as Remote.

More info here.

Cheers, Greg

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OK. Thought I could download full Roon on only one device. Maybe they just wouldn’t play well together, if I tried to use them that way(?)

Thanks, Greg!

You can only have one Core per license. You can have as many Remotes (control) as you want.

Cheers, Greg

I understand, except would it have somehow stopped me, etc., if I’d tried to download the core to the second machine? It did work for just the Remote I wanted, though, and I’m now playing it that way.
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It would have recognized you already had a Core. It would have asked if you want to switch it to the new computer.

Here’s the newly released User Guide. Lots of information there, if you need it.

Happy listening.

Cheers, Greg

Great. Thanks again.

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