I can no longer access ROON DSP functions

In the past I’ve been able to access DSP functions by clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right hand corner. That is no longer an option. It doesn’t matter which DAC I use or whether the volume is set to fixed or variable. I’m stumped …

A screenshot of what you are seeing would help. Note that a while ago the DSP feature was renamed MUSE (consistent with the ARC app) and the icon in the menu is now a wavy line instead of the letters „DSP“

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Thank you for the quick response. That’s exactly my issue. I guess I never got the memo about DSP being changed to the squiggly line icon.

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Searching for „DSP“ in the online help now brings up this page. (Note: nothing has changed apart from the name, and the help pages for MUSE now describe Roon and ARC)